Real Life Romance: The Dandelion Hideaway

Real Life Romance: The Dandelion Hideaway

We spend all day surrounded by romance of the fictional kind but it’s our hope we can nudge some of this into reality for you, readers. As we head into the winter months, every week we’ll be bringing you the most romantic things to do in the UK – the places that would make perfect Mills and Boon settings and the most inspiring spots to either cosy up with your loved one, or escape and read your latest novel.

This week we can’t help wishing we were at the Bluebell, a romantic ‘glamping’ getaway spot on the edge of a woodland spinney in Leicestershire’s The Dandelion Hideaway. We thought we’d bring this up because they’re only open till the end of October, so you’d better get in quick. Amanda Holden is a fan. In fact, she recently said of the place: “We’ve had the best time! Lots of fresh air, good food and fabulous fun!

Some of the most romantic proposals and anniversaries have been celebrated here, according to the owners and we don’t know about you, but the promise of a roll top bath has us dreaming of frolicking in a few bubbles (maybe with a handsome Lord looking for his Lady?) 

We’re also a bit obsessed with the huge sleigh bed. We’re quite sure the fluffy goose down pillows would send us off to sleep before we’d finished the first chapter, but hopefully that Lord would wake us up again for some… moonlit glasses of champagne on the veranda to the sound of a record on the gramophone. With stargazing from a telescope as an option too, there’s no way we’d miss our mobile phones (probably). 

The kitchen has a butler’s sink, plus a wood burning stove. We imagine it might be a bit like stepping back in time, no thanks to the supplies that can be brought in on demand from the farm’s own Cow Shed Stores, including goat’s cheese and milk and a basket of herbs that grow outside. If you’re stuck on what to make for your Lord or Lady, grandma’s cookery books will inspire you.  

Nearby, you have the gorgeous Market Bosworth to explore, lots of trails to cycle in the National Forest, a fair few castles and even the National Space Centre. If you don’t rocket your way to a passionate time in the Bluebell, you can always head there, we suppose.

The Dandelion Hideaway is open from to Easter to the end October. Let us know if you plan to take a look.

Also, let us know your own romantic getaway plans! <3