Real Life Romance: Here’s where your own disgraceful Lord should take you

Real Life Romance: Here’s where your own disgraceful Lord should take you

The release of His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish by Louise Allen has got us all dreaming about being whisked off to a stately home or castle by a dashing and perhaps slightly disgraceful Lord. We started thinking, is there anywhere in the UK that would inspire such romance… and naughtiness? And can we get someone to take us there, please?

The answer is yes. We happen to like the sound of Eynsham Hall on the edge of the Cotswolds, for a start. It’s a Jacobian Mansion that was actually highly commended recently by Prestigious Star Awards as being the second most romantic venue in the world. It was trumped, in case you’re wondering, by the Shangri-La Maldives, but the Maldives don’t have snug little fireside corners and they definitely don’t have pea-green lawns on which to stroll around in big puffy frocks. We’d prefer to be whisked to the countryside any day – imagine dancing flirtatiously round this fountain…

We can image the hero of His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wishbachelor Alexander Tempest, Viscount Weybourn blowing Tess away with his dashing charm somewhere exactly like this, with a chilled bottle of bubbly, homemade fudge and a romantic bouquet of seasonal flowers at hand. If you head to Eynsham Hall you must let us know if it’s as romantic as it sounds, and whether you were spoilt by a Lord or Lady with their rather luxurious-sounding prosecco or champagne package. We’re jealous already, look at this fireplace. It was practically designed for batting our eyelashes in a warm, flattering glow, perhaps awaiting a proposal…

Throughout December, there’s a festive afternoon tea to be had in the main hall here, as that fire crackles and burns like your love. The staff are allegedly exceptional too, working round the clock to create an intimate getaway you’ll never forget.

Just don’t be so buried in your romance novels that you forget to enjoy a little romance yourself. Think – what would Tess and Alexander Tempest do?

For some real-life romance, head to Eynsham Hall and send us your photos so we can all be suitably jealous.

His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish by Louise Allen (Lords of Disgrace Bachelors for life!) is out now!

(Top photo by SLR photography)