Rachel Dove: The Paramedic’s Secret Son Excerpt

Rachel Dove: The Paramedic’s Secret Son Excerpt

On our blog today, we have an exclusive excerpt from The Paramedic’s Secret Son by Rachel Dove which is out tomorrow (24th June 2021).


Eight years ago, paramedic Harry walked away from Annabel, knowing it would break both of their hearts, but staying would only hurt her more. Now Harry has returned to discover that Annabel wasn’t the only one he left behind – he has a seven-year-old son! Knowing he’s a father makes him even more determined to win Annabel – and little Aidan – back…


Harry stepped forward. ‘Can I help?’ 

‘No,’ Annabel said bluntly. ‘Please, just step back and let us do our job.’ She gave him a look that meant to maim. ‘We don’t need you here.’ Harry raised his arms in surrender, his face a picture of hurt as he stepped back away from them. Annabel winced inwardly, but then thought back to being in that airport as her boyfriend told her he was going away without her, and her resolve strengthened. 

Securing Frank to the gurney now, Annabel kept her head focused on the job. She just couldn’t look at her friend. Their friend, once upon a time. One look right now at Tom and he would read her face and know her truth. She felt as if her secret was radiating out of her, and Tom had been suspicious enough over the years. One look, and he would work it out. She couldn’t let that happen, especially with him right here. He was standing back from the small crowd now, alone, a suitcase at his feet. 

Great. Anything else you want to throw at me today? A swarm of locusts, maybe? 

She took him in once more as they pushed Frank to the ambulance, his wife following close behind, Tom talking to Frank, keeping a close eye on his vitals. She was looking at the details too—Frank, Tom and his attempts to catch her eye, and him. Harry. The man she’d once declared to be the love of her life. The one she’d also claimed, to everyone she knew, to be dead to her. He didn’t look dead, of course. He looked positively glowing in fact. Tanned, well dressed, a little tired perhaps. She hoped that jet lag would bite him on the behind. He was due a bit of karma, surely? He was bronzed, his hair even lighter than she’d remembered. His sun-kissed skin was a perk of his fancy job, no doubt. Life must have been good in Dubai. 

They got closer to him, and she watched as he collected his case and walked towards the car park. He didn’t look back once. She swallowed to stop herself from calling his name impulsively. All she could hear in her head was his voice. I came to see you… 


The Paramedic’s Secret Son by Rachel Dove is out tomorrow (24th June 2021) Pre-order now!