Q&A with Robyn Carr!

Q&A with Robyn Carr!

We caught up with #1 New York Times bestselling author, Robyn Carr and discussed her upcoming, ultimate romantic read What We Find, hobbies, and more!

Q & A with Robyn Carr

What inspired the storyline for your latest release, What We Find?

I was first inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild; the long distance hiking fascinated me and the opportunity for delicious description of beautiful scenery was so inviting.  But then I had to find a way to incorporate the hiking and other outdoor activities with a story that had a base – and that base became Sullivan’s Crossing, a campground and a couple of people looking for a fresh start after some very trying adult challenges.

What We Find is part of the first book in the Sullivan’s Crossing series. What can we expect from the next books in the series?

The Jones family comes into prominence, beginning with Cal, the eldest of four siblings.  They were raised by a high functioning schizophrenic father and brilliant but enabling mother and all of them are off the charts smart.  When Cal settles in Sullivan’s Crossing, his siblings follow, all of them in search of a stable and reliable home.  Harry Sullivan, known far and wide as Sully, owns the Crossing and welcomes campers, hikers, and all sorts of visitors.  His daughter, Maggie, is a neurosurgeon on leave from her practice and the campground becomes a magical place of romance, adventure and healing.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing?

What spare time?  I catch up on chores, play with my grandchildren, travel with my daughter and her family, and of course I’m a huge reader.  If I don’t get to read every night, I get a little cranky.

For new readers, how would you describe a signature Robyn Carr book in 3 words?

Always dependably positive.  A Robyn Carr book should leave you feeling good!

What 4 things do you keep on your writing desk/area and why?

My credit card so I can shop online.  My notebook where I scribble character names and other things I will otherwise forget.  A phone – for obvious reasons.  A drink of some kind – coffee, water, soda.  When possible, flowers.


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