Q&A with Madeline Martin

Q&A with Madeline Martin

We’re proud to introduce the lovely Madeline Martin, one of our new Historical romance authors! Read on to find out about her journey to becoming published and the inspiration behind her very first Mills & Boon book, How to Tempt a Duke. 


Can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer? 

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Growing up, books were my best friends – so many of which still are. My head has always been in the clouds, venturing to faraway places and living the lives of thousands of people through characters. I think writing was inevitable for this fanciful girl who eventually grew into a fanciful woman. 

What was your experience of writing your first Mills & Boon book like? 

Writing for Mills & Boon has been such a wonderful experience! Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming. I don’t feel as though I’ve been taken on by a publisher so much as I feel as though I’ve entered a family. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. 

What do you enjoy about writing historical romance? 

Absolutely 100% the research! I looooove researching history. My father was in the Army growing up and we were stationed three times in Germany. As a result, I grew up traveling around Europe, exploring old castles and hearing tales of knights and princesses and all the fascinating details of how people lived back then. Every book I take on is an opportunity to learn a new slice of history and becomes a great and wonderful adventure. 

What was the inspiration behind How to Tempt a Duke? 

Honestly, it was the idea of how women were so helpless to the fate of marriage back in that time. I wondered what it would be like for a woman whose gentleman turned his gaze somewhere else and left her in a position where no one would want her. I love the idea of the courtesan who teaches her having an opportunity to not only better Eleanor’s life with her tutelage, but also the chance to salvage a more honorable life for herself. I love stories of growth where woman find their way through the complexities of life. I also really enjoy writing not only the main character’s tale, but also those around her. 

What would you like your readers to know about your characters? 

Though Eleanor seems very stoic externally, inside she’s actually very vulnerable. Perhaps more so than others. And though she knows she needs to lose the societal shield she’s erected, the idea of allowing people to see the true her is a frightening one to take on. Good thing a dashing and confident duke is there to help.  

Charles has spent his entire life looking up to his father – a duke who traveled the world and collected artifacts, gaining notoriety and accolades. However, as facts come to light, they cast shadows on the light Charles once saw his father in. Though he is strong and confident, Charles has his own struggles to overcome – and some are hard for him to accept. 

I truly enjoyed writing these characters and drew a little piece from my heart for both of them. I hope you enjoy reading about them as well.   

And because I’ve been asked by many, many readers about this already: I do have a story in mind for Lottie and Evander.  

What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

Learning is as important as is passion when it comes to writing. Never stop learning. Not only the history (if you intend to write about history, or be inspired by it), but also the craft of writing. Every year, more and more books are published on writing and new techniques and perspectives are perfected. No one person can ever know everything about writing, so never stop learning! 

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing? 

I have the most wonderful boyfriend and incredible daughters (known collectively as the minions). When I’m not writing, I’m spending as much time with them as I can. We do painting and art classes, go all out on holidays, and travel to Disney World a lot as we are fortunate to live very close to Orlando. I’m so grateful to my beautiful family for the adventures I’m able to go on with them and for all the amazing life experiences we get to share together. 

What are you currently reading? 

I’m currently reading Ribbons of Scarlet – it’s an incredible Historical Fiction about women of the French Revolution. It’s beautifully written and researched to absolute perfection! I stay pretty busy, so I listen to most of my books and this audiobook is exceptional. I highly recommend it! 


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