Q&A with Love To Write winner Faye Acheampong!

Q&A with Love To Write winner Faye Acheampong!

It has been five months since Faye Acheampong was announced as the winner of our Love to Write Competition and today, we’re delighted to welcome Faye onto the blog to talk about all things romance writing!


So, Faye, what’s happened since you won the Love to Write competition?

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times, and I’ve never known what to say. So, I dodge the bright eyes that are eager to hear about my journey and say, “Nothing.”

Truthfully, being the Love To Write winner has been an uncomfortable experience. This sounds very negative, however I’m a firm believer that unease comes with any challenging pursuit.

I’ve tasted tears fuelled by my overwhelming gratitude. It tastes like sharp vindication in response to that one teacher who tried to guilt trip me into extroversion. It tastes like sweet victory.

The Love to Write mentorship means the shedding of my skin. It’s not an easy process, but it’s equal parts exhilarating.

I’d trust falling off a cliff with the full belief that my editor will catch me. I’ve ventured through the resourceful forest that is the Write 4 Harlequin blog, collecting tips along the way. The girl who was crushed by the groans of her classmates during an achievement assembly, has been healed by rooms full of celebratory claps at the Mills & Boon Author’s Lunch.

The next time someone asks, “How’s the mentorship going, Faye?” I’ll be sure to meet their gaze, and proudly respond with, “I’m growing with each passing day.”

How did you hear about Love To Write?

I saw Amber’s announcement post on Twitter. I located an old draft of my story, cut out the scene where my heroine was watching Love Island, and submitted my application.

Your winning entry will be published in our True Love series in 2023. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

My book is titled The Christmas That Changed Everything. The plot follows a perfectionist toy shop manager and a grumpy accountant as they team up to host a Santa’s Grotto. Think, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium with a Christmas rom-com feel.

What advice would you give to a writer submitting their work to Mills & Boon?

Tell the story that you’d love to read, and not what you think editors want to see.

What part of your book was the most interesting to write, so far?

It’s been interesting to explore the theme of capitalism whilst still making the story an uplifting one. The Christmas period is very hectic for retail workers.

Are there any Mills & Boon books you’ve been reading lately? Or authors you’re excited to read?

Their Unexpected Eid Reunion by Hana Sheik and Virginia Heath’s Redeeming the Reclusive Earl are current favourites. I’m excited to dive into Bound by Her Rival’s Baby by Maya Blake and A Blues Singer to Redeem Him by Elle Jackson.

Last question! What are some of your favourite romantic films/tv shows? Any recommendations?

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Been So Long. Sanditon.


We are also thrilled to be joined by Faye’s Editor, Hannah Rossiter!

Hannah, what can you tell us about Faye’s debut story for Mills & Boon True Love?

Firstly, that you are guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with The Christmas That Changed Everything! Naomi and Will’s story plays with one of my favourite tropes: Grumpy X Sunshine. And it is such a treat to watch the way that love-weary Will opens his heart bit by bit – and action by tender action – to Naomi. It’s wonderful to watch Naomi take a chance on Will – and love again – too! Now, I am delighted to share with you a peak into the set-up for Faye’s debut story for Mills & Boon True Love…

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…But for Naomi, the manager of a toyshop, it’s also the busiest! So, when the professional Santa Claus she’s hired can’t make it to her shop’s grotto, she has to act quickly! Enter Will. The Entertainment Emporium’s gorgeous but stand-offish accountant – and now, Naomi’s step-in-Santa! Together they must save Christmas for hundreds of children. Will they also save each other’s hearts?