Q&A with Karin Baine!

Q&A with Karin Baine!

We caught up with the wonderful Karin Baine to talk about all things romance and her uplifting new Medical release, A GP to Steal His Heart!


You write for the Mills and Boon Medical series which features high-stakes and high-pressure for the heroes and heroines. What’s your favourite thing about writing Medical romances?

I love writing medicals for that very reason. The drama of the medical emergencies my characters face always brings them closer. You get all the romance of the couple falling in love combined with the life or death situations their patients find themselves in. There’s never a dull moment.

What, to you, are the most important elements of good writing?

Good writing means you care enough about the characters to read on and find out what happens next in their journey. I love those books where you’re so engrossed in the plot and invested in the h/h that you can’t put it down. I have been known to read right through the night to finish one.

What was the inspiration behind your new book, A GP to Steal His Heart?

I think at the time of writing it the UK was experience severe weather disruption and those images of people being rescued in dinghys were constantly on the TV. I was curious about what was potentially going on behind the scenes during that time.

What part of the book was the most interesting to write?

As mentioned previously, I enjoyed writing about the flood that swamps Little Morton. I enjoyed the drama and potential danger for my characters who had to work together to help those affected.

What are your favourite character traits?

I always like a feisty heroine who isn’t afraid to put the hero in his place. I also enjoy seeing the tender side to a brooding hero. You know, a seemingly cold Earl who opens his house up to strangers who have nowhere else to go…

What advice would you give to a writer submitting their work to Mills & Boon?

Read as much as you can. It’s important to know which line you’re targeting and what readers expect from that particular line. You’ll also learn a lot about conflict and how important it is to keep your reader hooked. There’s a lot of advice on the Harlequin forums about writing for M&B which is very useful to find out if you’re on the right track with your work.

What are some of your favourite romantic films/tv shows? Any recommendations?

Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media will be aware of my obsession with the Outlander series, based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels. It’s got everything – love, sex, war, time travel – I can’t get enough of it! It’s not for the squeamish though.

Last question! Flowers or chocolate?

Always chocolate! I’m a complete chocaholic. Although I would take the flowers too 😊


A GP to Steal His Heart by Karin Baine

Dedicated Dr Thomas struggles to accept that it’s time to take on a new job: as the Earl of Morton. Not least because, by taking the title, Thomas must accept that he’s lost his father. So, he does not have the headspace for dynamic Dr Daisy’s arrival. Until a flood hits Little Morton and together, they must fight the rising water and their rising attraction!