Q&A with Annie Claydon!

Q&A with Annie Claydon!

Join us for a quick fire Q&A with Mills & Boon Medical author, Annie Claydon.


You write for the Mills and Boon Medical series which features high-stakes and high-pressure for the heroes and heroines. What’s your favourite thing about writing Medical romances?

Medical professionals work in every kind of setting imaginable, and so Medical Romance provides a whole host of different story options to explore.  I’m never bored!

What, to you, are the most important elements of writing a good romance book?

I think that telling your story from your own heart, and in your own voice, is really important.  Believing in your characters – their ability to overcome all kinds of obstacles and to change – is equally vital.

What was the inspiration behind your new book, Children’s Doc to Heal Her Heart?

I’d been thinking about writing a story about a Music Therapist for a while.  I knew that Reba Sloane would be the daughter of a concert pianist, who had always assumed she would follow in his footsteps, but that she’d had other ideas about how best to use her musical talent.  But I couldn’t find my ‘way in’ to the romance between Reba and Dr John Thornton.

Then I started to look at the music that Reba might share with John’s young patients – everything from folk songs to classical pieces.  And the same music that inspires Reba, inspired me too, finally bringing John and Reba’s story to life for me.

Could you tell us more about your favourite scene?

My favourite scene in any of my books is always the opening scene, where I meet the hero and heroine on the page for the first time, and start to realise exactly what they’ll be up against in the following chapters!  Put all that together with the excitement of starting a new book, and that scene becomes very special to me.

My ‘other’ favourite scene in this book is where John and Reba take John’s daughter Rosalie beachcombing.  Rosalie is all dressed up for an adventure and looks so cute in her waterproofs.  And somehow the sea air, and a day spent sorting through pebbles to find little pieces of treasure for Rosalie’s collection, gives John and Reba the chance to let go of their inhibitions for a while and join Rosalie in hallooing wildly at the sea.

Do you prefer writing summer or winter romances?

That’s a tough question, because many of my summer romances are written in winter, and then it’s on to winter romances during the summer.  Enjoying my own imaginary summer when there’s snow outside my window, or cooling off with winter scenes during the heat of summer, are both a lot of fun.  But since I love the longer days and the sunshine of summer, I’ll pick a summer romance as my favourite, to brighten up the gloom of a winter’s day.

What are your favourite character traits?

Kindness, and the ability to listen well.  (When I think about it, those may be the traits that all my heroes have in common…)

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to a writer submitting their work to Mills & Boon? Our Medical Romance Blitz (where we’re encouraging aspiring writers to submit their work) is happening now!

I submitted what eventually became my first book to the first Medical Romance Blitz in 2010 and I know first hand how terrifying and thrilling the process is and how rewarding it can be.  So my first piece of advice is to try it out if you can.  Read every word of the guidelines (twice), prepare your query letter, first chapter and synopsis and then take your courage in both hands and submit your work!

My second piece of advice would be to remember that the Editors are on your side – they’re committed to finding and nurturing new voices.  This is such a great opportunity to get an Editor’s feedback on your work, and their advice is always worth its weight in gold!

And my final word of advice – be yourself.  Of course you’ll want to study the guidelines, and be familiar with what the Medical line already publishes.  But there’s plenty of room within that format for everyone, to write in their own way about the things that inspire them.  Your individuality and your passion will shine through in your writing.

Wishing everyone the very best of luck!

What are some of your favourite romantic films/tv shows? Any recommendations?

I have to admit to secret Saturday afternoon trysts with old movies – ‘Casablanca’, ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘The Philadelphia Story’.  And however many film and TV adaptations there are of Jane Austen’s books, I’ll always watch another. The first two seasons of ‘Bridgerton’ had me well and truly glued to the screen, and I can’t wait for the third!

Last question! Flowers or chocolate?

Flowers. Definitely. (Sorry chocolate. I’m extremely fond of you as well…)


Children’s Doc To Heal Her Heart by Annie Claydon

Has this feisty therapist met her match?
It’s music therapist Rebekah’s first day, and she’s already clashing with handsome, infuriating Dr John Thornton, head of the children’s ward. She can’t deny she’s attracted to him, and it looks as if he feels the same! But guarded John has only scratched the surface with Rebekah…because beneath her spirited exterior is someone who has never felt good enough. Can he show her that she’s perfect as she is?

Read now in ebook or in paperback which also features Falling Again for the Surgeon by Karin Baine.