Q&A with Ally Blake!

Q&A with Ally Blake!

The lovely Ally Blake joins us for a quick-fire Q&A. Discover more about her new romance, Fake Engagement With The Billionaire and what it was like to write ex pro-athlete Sawyer and boho artist Petra’s story…


You write for the Mills and Boon True Love series which focuses on the rush and intensity of falling in love! These emotional, uplifting stories will feed the soul of any romance lover.

How would you describe your writing journey so far?

A roller coaster! I sold my first book at a mere twenty-eight and since then have moved cities, had three babies (all of whom are now high schoolers) and written forty-four more books. And while both my life, and the publishing industry, have gone through so many stages in that time, the books that pour from my fingertips are still the same warm, wistful whimsical romances I wrote from the start.

What, to you, are the most important elements of writing a good romance book?

Not skimping on the good stuff. By that I mean really leaning into the reasons why readers love reading romance. The lovely sensory tummy-flutters and heart-stutters, those gasping moments when the characters realise they are falling in love, the heartache of ‘oh my gosh, there is no way these two are ever going to wake up to themselves enough to get together – all that. As for the happy ending? Go big or go home.

Your new book, Fake Engagement with the Billionaire is out this month. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Fake Engagement with the Billionaire is the second book in the Billion Dollar Bachelor series – three books built on the maxim the bigger they are the harder they fall 😊.  It’s very much a friends-to-lovers story. Billionaire hero, sunshine heroine. There’s a secret tattoo (spoiler alert!), a mother who only ever texts in ALL CAPS so as to get her very important point across, and their love language is nineties French cinema. It’s a big fun story, with a very warm heart.

What was your favourite scene to write?

I really loved writing the flashback scenes. The book starts out with Petra and Sawyer accidently reuniting in a bar. Glasses are raised, drinks are imbibed, and the next morning Petra’s mind is a blank. Watching her slowly remember the events of the night over the next few days was utterly gleeful. More and more so as each remembered event usurps the last. While also becoming painfully clear that all the good work she had done to keep her lifelong crush on Sawyer under wraps may have been undone in one wild night.  Bwahahaha.

How would you best describe your heroine Petra and hero Sawyer?

Sawyer is pure charm. An ex-pro athlete till injury took him out of the game, and one time Australian of the Year due to his good works since then, he now runs Big Think Corp alongside his university friends Ronan and Ted. But all of that hides a sadness, and broken pieces, due to the death of his best friend.

Petra happens to be the younger sister of that same best friend. A boho, artsy, collector of beautiful things she’s always been a bit of an odd bod, at least her high society family sure thought so. She’s adored Sawyer since forever. And now they’ve found themselves in the same city, nay the same apartment for the first time in their adult lives, her big reaching heart tells her it’s now or never.

If you could give an aspiring author three pieces of advice, what would they be?

  1. Read lots. All kinds of books. Watch movies. Binge great TV. Absorb story anywhere you can find it till it becomes part of your DNA.
  2. Write a story all the way to the end – no matter how hard it is – because once you know you can, it’s a hurdle you’ll always know you are able to jump.
  3. When reading your work back, don’t only pay attention to the bits that need fixing. Find the parts you love. The things that make you laugh, or cry, or get shivers. Circle those bits. Relish them. For that’s your unique voice.

What are some of your favourite romantic films/tv shows? Any recommendations?

  • Notting Hill
  • Leap Year
  • Pillow Talk
  • American President
  • The Family Stone
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Tangled

Last question! Flowers or chocolate?

From me? Flowers. From anyone else? I’ll never say no to chocolate.


Ally Blake

Fake Engagement With The Billionaire by Ally Blake

When Petra bumps into billionaire Sawyer it’s thrilling to see him again. And when photos of him mock-proposing surface they decide to go with the misconception. An ‘engagement’ could be beneficial to them both—and him staying in her apartment makes it even more believable! But living with her late brother’s best friend means confronting the past…and a sizzling spark that is far too real…

Read now in eBook or in paperback which also features Two Weeks To Tempt The Tycoon by Nina Singh.