Prima Writing Competition Winner Interview!

Prima Writing Competition Winner Interview!

Introducing a new addition to the Mills & Boon stable of authors, winner of the Prima/M&B wirintg competition,  Rachel Dove, with her fabulously flirty entry, The Chic Boutique on Baker Street. We asked her a few questions about her writing life so far…!

What  inspired you to become a writer? 

I have always had my head in a book, since I was old enough to hold one! I love to escape into other worlds, and started writing from an early age. I love how the characters speak to me when I am not even writing. In the car, shower, sometimes they won’t be silenced!

Who are your favourite writers of all time?

My favourite book ever is Wuthering Heights, and I also love Austen, but I love all genres. James Patterson is brilliant, Along Came a Spider stayed with me long after the last page, and aside from romance, my favourite, I love a good crime thriller or dystopian read. 

What’s your favourite thing to write about?

I like  strong female characters, characters with realism, and flaws. I love to see a romance develop in a book, the fuzzy feelings that grip you as you see the characters fall in love. I stick to what I know, and believe locations can often become a character in itself in books. 

Do your characters take inspiration from anyone you know?

I like  to start with a blank canvas with my characters, and develop them myself, but I do see the odd trait appearing in them now and then! My husband Peter is a softie, and my male characters often have things in common with him. If he is reading this, then he will now know to stay on my good side!

Where do you like to write?

Anywhere! I prefer to write from home, and I have my own little room where I can retreat to, which is bliss. I live in a house full of boys, so it is nice to escape and concentrate. I always carry a notebook and pen in my bag, so I have been known to write anywhere, and in summer I live out in the garden with my children. Early mornings are great, or late nights, when the whole house sleeps, too. 

If there’s one famous book that you wish you could have written what is it?

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Gripping, romantic, heartbreaking. I love strong female characters, and Katniss is amazing. I also love Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. That book has romance, elements of the supernatural, thrills, depth. I have read it so much I had to buy another copy!

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