Our celeb picks for Man Of The Year 2016

Our celeb picks for Man Of The Year 2016

Here at True Love Towers, dreaming of romantic endeavours and swooning over sexy men is part of the day job! That’s what we tell ourselves anyway.

We asked some of the lovely ladies over here who they’d love to see as Man Of The Year if they could see someone famous take the crown and win that highly prized place on the cover of a Valentine’s Day Mills and Boon novel.

Alison here wouldn’t mind a bit of Liam Neeson. He falls firmly into the ‘He might be over 60 but most of us still would’ category.

Jules has a thing for Channing Tatum. If we put those abs on a book cover she would have that book cover blown up and made into a quilt so she could snuggle into him at night. She’d put him on some matching curtains too, so she could say she pulled him.

Jennifer would do the same with Paul Rudd, who she’s loved from afar since his days wooing Alicia Silverstone as slowly as a falling snowflake in Clueless. Everyone loves a guy who can make us laugh, right? He makes everything sunnier and funnier.

This Man of Steel should be Man Of The Year in Ros’s eyes. Ros won’t settle for any man unless he looks like Henry Cavill. Or at least, she won’t settle for any man who won’t wear a cape about her house and put his pants over his trousers every now and then – just to keep that dream alive. 

Becky’s been nominating David Duchovny as her Man Of The Year in secret since the 90s when she wrote all the Fox Mulder quotes she could remember in the back of her science books after every episode of The X Files. It got weird. Her teacher was concerned. Mulder was the epitome of the perfect man though – tall, dark, mysterious, quirky and ultimately unobtainable. Sigh.

Remember, you don’t have to be famous to be a star. Do YOU know a man in real life you think should enter our Man Of The Year 2016 comp? They have until October 11 to get their entries in. Enter Man Of The Year here.