Our Authors’ New Year Writing Resolutions for 2020

Our Authors’ New Year Writing Resolutions for 2020

As we look forward to the year ahead, our authors have been working on some writing resolutions to make 2020 the best year yet! Whether that means cracking down on time-wasting activities or looking for further inspiration, our authors are full of great ideas for how to get ahead this year.


Pay attention to the tiny bursts of inspiration that sometimes come along when I’m working on a bigger project. A phrase or a feeling that needs pinning to the page, the germ of a poem or an essay. I always think I’ll come back to it, but guess what…

Ella Hayes

In 2020, I plan to rediscover my love of writing. No more putting pressure on myself to write what I think others will like. I’m going to write exactly what I want to and hope that authenticity will resonate with readers!

Therese Beharrie

This year I am resolving to write every book as if it was my first, but with the knowledge I’ve acquired from all of the editors I’ve worked with and feedback from readers. I had SO MUCH FUN writing my first one and want to capture that enthusiasm and passion over and over.

Annie O’Neil

I’m kicking off my 2020 writing year with a Modern duet  – which I’m writing with the wonderful Natalie Anderson. We’ve already figured out the plot together – which is basically The Princess Diaries meets Roman Holiday by way of The Prince and the Pauper! And I can’t wait to get started on it.

Heidi Rice

To be more organised! Mind you, I vow this every year. I will plan. I will write a timeline. I will write character notes. I will even write a plot. What do I actually do??? Jump straight in and write the book as fast as I can. My editors will happily/not-so-happily, maybe, confirm this as a fact.

Susan Stephens

I love resolutions! Every year I set a number-of-books goal. This year, I’ve decided to work a little more on my shorter stuff, stories I’ll give away to readers, especially newsletter subscribers.

Susan Meier

My New Year’s Writing Resolution is to spend more time with my author friends and to organize a mini writing retreat or a workshop.

Liz Tyner

Life has definitely come before writing over the last year. I kept thinking if it would just calm down, I could get on schedule!

But maybe I’ve been looking at it wrong; maybe it’s time to write in the storm.

Nicole Locke

My writing resolution for the New Year to is to take control of my writing time. To work every day and work efficiently, not waiting to the panic point to keep my nose down and get the book done.

Susan Carlisle

Whew, a big step to commit it in writing for all to see, but here goes… I will waste less time on the internet!

Andrea Bolter

Having almost finished my Princesses of the Alhambra trilogy, I’m looking for idea/s with that magic spark. Places, like the Alhambra Palace in Spain or the Champagne region in France, are full of magic. So I’ve resolved to leave the desk and hunt out some spark. Travel beckons! 😉

Carol Townend

I want to continue to look for new ways to tell old stories and update classic storylines with situations that are both historically relevant and relevant to the modern day in order to help new readers find their way to historical romance and feel that the stories reflect issues and values they grapple with in their own lives.

Bronwyn Scott

My New Year’s resolution is to do all kinds of research to get ready for my latest adventure. After Christmas, I’m always excited to get back to work. Research always helps me focus. Once I’ve done my homework, my mind is refreshed and filled with new ideas.

Rebecca Winters