Our 5 #Hotel Scandal Finalists! VOTE NOW!

Our 5 #Hotel Scandal Finalists! VOTE NOW!

At last we have them! Our 5 fabulous #HotelScandal finalists! Please read through them and let us know who your winner is using the Poll on our homepage by midnight on Monday March 2nd!

The Sheiks’ Captive – Mary Jo Springer

His brother certainly had good taste when it came to women. Good taste, but extremely poor judgment. Crossing his arms over his chest, Sheik Jaffar el Karim continued to stare at the curvaceous blond lounging next to the Olympic sized pool at the Chatsfield in Dubai. He stared, mesmerized, as the gulf breeze caught the strands of her long, flaxen hair creating the illusion of a mermaid sunning herself on a rock. With a shake of her head, the stunning mass spilled across her shoulders. In one swift motion she captured the strands and pulled them into a ponytail tying it off with a hair tie. She stood, grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion from her bag and smoothed the thick white lotion over every exposed inch of her delicious peach-tinged body…Read more!

The Billionaire Blind Date – Charlotte Murphy

“Seriously Elena, if you were me, you wouldn’t last two minutes in this lifestyle!”

“If I were you, I’d jump off Tower Bridge,” Elena mumbled from the walk in closet. She was in there retrieving another expensive garment for her boss, Chantal Duval, to discard without proper consideration.

“What are you doing in there?” Chantal whined through the closet doors. Elena rolled her eyes and brought out the couture gown for Chantal to try on…Read more!

The Heart of Angelou – Emma Jackson

Syeira slipped through the balcony door into the master bedroom of the Penthouse Suite at the Chatsfield International.

All the lights were off but the Las Vegas Strip provided ghostly shades of yellow, pink and neon blue through the floor to ceiling windows behind her. It was more than enough for her to tell that her own accommodation, more than twenty floors below, was significantly different. Still gorgeous and spacious and way out of her price-range, yet nothing compared to this…Read more!

Blackout! – Romy Sommer

“If you don’t make a move tonight, you’re never going to forgive yourself,” Jessie said. “And life is far too short for regrets.”

Melissa downed the tequila shot her old school friend set in front of her, choking as it slid down her throat. She could live quite happily with regret, thank you very much. She did not need to leave the comfort of her table, and she did not need to say ‘hi’ to Seth Baxter, and she certainly did not need the inevitable let down she would feel if she approached him…Read more!

One Night with the Runaway – Amber Peart

Kaspar Sargis sank into the leather armchair and ground his teeth together. Tascha wasn’t at the Chatsfield Hotel, London. He’d been wrong. Kaspar hated being wrong. Not because it injured his pride, but because when he was wrong, terrible things happened. He’d been wrong five years ago and Tascha had nearly died. Losing her now wasn’t an option…Read more!

So there you have them, five worthy finalists! Please vote for your favourite via our homepage Poll. We’ll be announcing the winner on TUESDAY MARCH 3rd!