Night Shift in Barcelona

Night Shift in Barcelona

Night Shift in Barcelona is a four-part series with a setting in… you guessed it, Barcelona! These romance books not only take place in a gorgeous, romantic city, they also include plenty of drama with heroes and heroines who face their challenges head-on. The perfect romance series to dive into if you love workplace romances, Greys Anatomy and the opposites reunite trope!

Hear from three of the authors below…


Traci Douglass:

Honestly, I didn’t know that much about the city of Barcelona before writing this book, so one of the things I loved most about Their Barcelona Baby Bombshell was all the research into this gorgeous city and its many attractions. Barcelona almost felt like a third character in the book for me, especially the scenes with my hero, Carlos Martinez. He’s new to the city, so it was like he and I got to experience this gorgeous location together. And my heroine, Isabella Rivas, was a native of Barcelona, so she made the perfect tour guide for us! The other thing I really enjoyed about this story is the interesting power dynamics I got to play with. We don’t see a lot of male nurses in the Medicals line and with Carlos, I got to use that scenario and explore a man in what many traditional consider a female role. And Isabella is a strong, powerful woman who thrives on adrenaline and is a top paramedic in the city. Interesting turnabouts with these two. And yet, even with all their differences, of course they are destined to be together. HEA Perfection! (Plus, I now need to take a vacation to beautiful Barcelona at my earliest convenience!)

Louisa Heaton:

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in the Night Shift in Barcelona Miniseries. I’d previously been part of a duet and so this was my first time taking part in a quartet of stories and in Barcelona, no less! I’d never placed a story in Barcelona before, so that was wonderful to research, looking at the places of interest, the food, the people, the language. I really got to delve into the culture of such an amazing city. My hero and heroine, Diego and Grace, had been through a terrible loss and this is a theme that I often find myself turning to and so I really relished being able to dive into their backstory and add my own little twist to it. I also very much enjoyed collaborating with the three other authors on our connected scenes, making sure we got our details and stories correct! It’s a big challenge, but when it’s pulled off successfully, it just makes all the stories in the quartet so organic and natural, it’s like they’ve always been there. It does take a lot of hard work. A lot of emails get sent back and forth. A lot of checking! But in the end, you get four great, individual stories, that make up this beautiful series set in St Aelina Hospital!

Tina Beckett:

When I was asked to participate in the Nightshift in Barcelona miniseries, they had me as soon as they said, ‘Barcelona.’ I mean, who wouldn’t love that setting? And then I received my ‘story bible,’ and can I just say wow? It felt like some of the elements of Elena and Santiago’s story had been written with me in mind:

  • I was the volunteer coordinator for a therapeutic riding stable for many years.
  • I have horses of my own.
  • I have fractured vertebrae from a riding accident.

But it wasn’t only those commonalities that resonated with me. I truly loved these characters and wanted to go on a journey with them. And it ended just as I hoped it would, with a Happy Ever After that Santiago and Elena more than deserved!