My Dream Bookshop:  Books and Booze

My Dream Bookshop: Books and Booze

I’ve always wanted to open a bookshop.

Originally, I must have been about seven or eight, when owning a bookshop seemed to equate itself with reading all day.  And who wouldn’t want to spend their days like that?

When I got older, I started thinking about it more as a business.  Who would I market it towards?  Caveats, such as opening early in the morning so that commuters could buy tea, coffee and hot chocolate on their way to work.

But it wasn’t until I hit uni, that I came up with my ideal bookshop. A converted pub.

Imagine those behind the bar being able to offer you the perfect advice on the newest releases, served up with a glass of wine or a pint.  A piano in one corner, ready to be played by all and sundry.  Shelves and shelves of books lining the walls, comfy seats in front of them.

I want my bookshop to have facilities for tea and coffee.  I want it to be the hub of a community, where people come in and out and spend their evenings.  I want it to be multifaceted.  To be able to host book groups for mums with toddlers in the morning and then have a discussion group with wine in the evening of that very same day.

I want to see students burrowing through piles of lit crit to find that one book that’d help them with their essay; I want to see commuters to pop in and pick up something on the sale table for them to read on their way to work.  For it to be a place where people can come together creatively and for that lone writer to sit as a table and write as if their soul possessed their pen.

The perfect bookshop should be at the heart of its own little community. And I still haven’t quite given up on that dream yet.

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