MOTY2016 Up Close & Personal: Meet Matt

MOTY2016 Up Close & Personal: Meet Matt

Today we meet Matt, a firearms police officer at the Metropolitan Police. Matt was pointed in the direction of the competition by his lovely wife, Tanya, who has some words to say about the humble hero.

When I first saw the competition for man of the year I knew instantly that my amazing husband Matthew had to enter.

I always knew that apart from his handsome good looks, he was a special person with a kind and loyal heart. 

Matt is a wonderful father to four children – Nathan and Chloe are his eldest and from a previous relationship. Although they live in Doncaster and we live in Essex, Matt has always had a close bond and played a pivotal role in their lives, relentlessly traveling the three hour journey to Doncaster after a gruelling 12 hour shift as a firearm officer in the police without sleep or second thought for himself. To ensure he is always there for them whenever they need him and to remain a positive influence in their lives.

They have both grown into fantastic, caring and grounded young people who are a credit to him and who love their half brother and sister unconditionally because of the love and relationship they have had with their dad.

Matts importance of family values were one of the many things that attracted me to him when we first met, as well as his handsome looks but modest knowledge of how he his presence lights up a room. 

When our son Jack was born, Matt and Jacks bond was tangible and his passion and personality for adventure has certainly rubbed off on our fun loving, but crazy four year old son.

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