MOTY2016 Up Close & Personal: Meet Kevin

MOTY2016 Up Close & Personal: Meet Kevin

Today, in our quest to get to know our Hot 15 as the votes roll in, we catch up with Kevin before his trip to Prague. Kevin sent us lots of photos of himself and his fiance, which are melting our hearts over here. If you want to see Kevin as your Man of the Year, and see his face on our Valentine’s Day Mills and Boon book cover, don’t forget to vote! Now read on to find out what makes him amazing…

What was your motivation for entering this competition?

The moment I came across this Mills and Boon man of the year comp, my finger couldn’t hit the apply button quick enough. I have grown up in an era where mills and boon books are up there with the best and having the opportunity to be the guy that appears on the cover of the valentines edition is just legendary in my eyes. What guy wouldn’t wish to sit on the bedside table of millions of mills and boon female fans?

What’s your definition of a modern day hero?

My definition of a modern day hero is someone that always considers others first and would walk through walls to take care of those close to the heart. I love the old cliche “it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

What’s the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?

Nothing along the lines of life saving or anything like that, but I believe as a dad, you are the man your son will look up to and look to follow, therefore I have always made sure I have given my son (he is now 16 years old) the best advice and guidance possible, which I believe has highly contributed to him being the perfect young man that he is today. Polite, well mannered and well aware that his family are the most important people in the world. 

How would your friends describe you in less than ten words?


What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Hand on heart, my perfect date is to be absolutely anywhere with my partner, the destination is irrelevant.

When was the last time you cried? 

I thought it took a lot for me to cry, until I found tears rolling down my eyes over an X-factor contestant singing during auditions! Oh dear… (What have I just done to myself by admitting that…!?!) 

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?

Took my partner for a romantic meal on her 30th birthday whilst secretly planning with the restaurant that I was to propose to her in front of everyone. All this on an extremely busy welsh international rugby match day, therefore the restaurant was full to the brim! By the time I was about to propose the whole restaurant was well aware of the situation, which added to the pressure. The waitress brought us a cake after the meal with all the candles etc for which my partner had thought was solely for her 30th birthday.. As you can imaging her face was a picture, I will never forget once she finally realised the engagement ring was cheekily placed on top of the cake!! A moment I am sure we will both cherish forever. Oh and she said yessss! Boom!!!

Tell us a secret – something we’d never guess about you.

Now that would be telling… Maybe if I win this competition, then I will reveal…

What’s your biggest fear?

Not being able to care for myself and others.

Do you believe in destiny? Tell us why, or why not.

Oh yes I believe in destiny, very much so. The world is our destiny and what will be will be.

If you could change the world one step at a time, where would you start? 

I would start by making myself God. I doubt I would be everyone’s cup of tea but I’d give it a good go, haha. 

If someone made a movie of your life, who would play you and why?

I asked my partner this question and she replied ‘David Beckham’. I will take that if Becks would be interested some day… 

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