Mills & Boon: Not So Innocent After All

Mills & Boon: Not So Innocent After All

We were reading an article about a certain erotica novel that has been made into a highly anticipated movie, starring a glorious-looking Jamie Dornan, when we came across something interesting:  a comparison was made between erotica and Mills & Boon! However, the suggestion was that Mills & Boon is all about kittens and fairy tale endings. But, as our regular readers already know, our publishing remit has been much broader for several decades.

An example of how we’ve changed with the times is our Spice imprint, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of all 50 Shades of Grey fans! Another is our star erotica author Tiffany Reisz who brings in the special spice erotica readers love. Full of BDSM paraphernalia, Reisz’s ‘The Original Sinners’ series definitely does what it says on the tin.

Another erotica queen is Megan Hart whose stories tend to deal with heavy emotional issues as well as highly erotic segments. Broken is about a psychologist who does not physically cheat on her paraplegic husband, but instead listens to a man relay his erotic encounters to her.  If you prefer  your erotica short and full of impact, Portia Da Costa’s sexy short stories are sensual and addictive.

However, if you really are a fan of reading about kittens and Prince Charming, stories from our Cherish and Heartwarming imprints are the perfect choice. These stories have real passion and warmth that will make your day just that little bit brighter.

Here at Mills & Boon we like to make sure there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy sweet stories or forbidden fantasies, we cover all of your needs and everything in between which incidentally, makes us not so innocent after all!