Mills & Boon authors share their dating disasters

Mills & Boon authors share their dating disasters

We might be all about the romance but we love to hear about dating mishaps too! This year we’ve decided to do something different for Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked our authors to tell us their worst dating disasters, although some of them do end up with a happily ever after…

My sister set me up on a blind date with a man who stole a rose from a nearby table to give to me and did I blush (as did he) when the owner came looking for their pretty bloom.  He refused to dance until he was tipsy and then he was terrible! I abandoned him mid-date to deliver a birthday cake to my brother.  He thought I wasn’t interested and didn’t even kiss me goodnight!  He wasn’t going to call me again either, until my brother-in-law told him he hadn’t blown it.  That man?  Became my husband eleven months later and we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this May.

Lucy Monroe

Worst date ever? A guy who managed not to ask me one question. Literally. Nothing. Not even a ‘what do you do?’ Half way through and I’m convinced it’s actually a psychological experiment, because it takes effort not to ask a single question. Dude – seriously? Ask the lady a question!

Pippa Roscoe

I excitedly anticipated my boyfriend buying me a corsage to wear for our college homecoming game. My first ever. I didn’t get it because his friend had forgotten to get his girl one and my boyfriend gave mine to him to keep his friend out of trouble. That boyfriend has been my husband for 35 years. I’ve received many flowers since then.

Susan Carlisle

Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, which when I was younger presented opportunities for a bit of fun, especially when the postman delivered lots of cards on 14th! Now my husband has the dilemma of whether to buy expensive flowers or chocolates and should he send a birthday card or Valentines Card?

Rachael Thomas

On my first ever romantic weekend getaway with a guy, we headed to Ireland’s West Coast in April – expecting dramatic scenery by day and lots of cosy loved up nights! What we got was dramatic scenery obscured by freezing hail storms and nights spent wearing every stitch of the completely inadequate clothing we’d brought with us while shivering uncontrollably. Not a complete disaster though… Because I ended up marrying him. And 20+ years later we’re still laughing about that weekend.

Heidi Rice