Michelle Douglas on why she loves a billionaire.

Michelle Douglas on why she loves a billionaire.

To celebrate International Billionaire’s Month at Mills & Boon, Cherish author Michelle Douglas shares how she would help her Hero with all that burdensome money…




My HEA with the Billionaire




I love billionaire heroes. I love the total fantasy that they represent. Not only are these book-boyfriends hunky, hot and totally into you…but all of their worldly goods are at your disposal. Can you imagine never having to worry about money again? Oh, happy sighs!




It reminds me of the conversation that Lizzy and Jane Bennet have in Pride and Prejudice. Jane says she’d like to marry for love. Lizzy teasingly tells her to make sure she has the good sense to fall in love with a man of large fortune. The fantasy, it appears, has been around for a long time. But seriously, what could be better than love and financial freedom?




Which started me wondering…what would I do after I’d married my Billionaire? What would I do with all of that financial freedom? You know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that I could very easily help my Billionaire spend his money. Just for fun this is the seriously materialistic list I came up with:




1. Travel: I would take months…no, make that years… exploring all of the places I’ve only ever read about. What a dream come true! Oh, and yes, I’d stay in glorious five-star hotels where we could be spoilt rotten. Some of the time. I’m sure we’d have just as much fun camping out in a beach shack too. In my fantasy my enthusiasm and wonder would be balm to my Billionaire’s jaded heart. J




2. Parties: If money were no object, could you imagine the parties you could throw? You could treat your friends and family to the very best caviar and French champagne the world has to offer. Not only could you treat them to amazing food and drink but you could hire the best bands and entertainers too. You could fly your loved ones in from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. You could make memories that would last a lifetime. What’s more—what’s mine is his. So my Billionaire would now find himself embraced by a community—a family—that accepts him unconditionally.




3. Cars: I have a weakness for classic cars (this is a hypothetical weakness you understand as I’ve never actually had the opportunity to indulge it). If I had a ridiculous amount of money, though, I’d have a ginormous garage and I’d stock it with gorgeous classic cars. First on my list would be a 1980s Porsche 911 (sky blue, please). I’d add a Mercedes Maybach S600, and an E-Type Jaguar. Oh, and other things too! I’m not keeping them just for show. No, no! My Billionaire and I would go for Sunday picnics where we’d put the cars through their paces. We’d enjoy using them—in fact, we’d have a ball!




4. A library: My house would have a huge library. One of those gorgeous extravagances like the Baroque Library Hall at the Clementinum in Prague (seriously… go and do an Internet search. Its splendidness will blow your mind). To have so many books—so much knowledge and entertainment—at your fingertips…it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it! I’m envisaging lazy evenings spent lounging in with my Billionaire—he needs to learn to unwind you see. And there are definitely worse ways to spend an evening in than sipping single-malt scotch and reading tidbits out to each other from amazing books.




5. Charity: Okay, so now I need to counter all of the guilt I’ve just acquired from my over-the-top frivolousness above. So, in my ‘HEA with the Billionaire’ fantasy I would make it a rule that for every dollar spent on extravagances and indulgences we would donate a dollar to charity too. That’s the thing about great wealth. It also provides the opportunity to do great good. I think leaving the planet a better place is an admirable goal. And I don’t doubt for a moment that my fantasy Billionaire would agree with me a hundred percent.




Obviously, though, all of these extravagances are only worthwhile if I have the love-of-my-life at my side. Love is the most important ingredient in the Billionaire Hero fantasy. All of the money in the world won’t buy love or happiness, as Dylan and Mia discover in An Unlikely Bride for the Billionaire, available August 2016 in Mills & Boon Cherish. Mia is far less materialistic than me. Dylan’s money doesn’t impress her. But he’s a clever man and finds a different route to her heart.




Still, it’s fun to play the “If money were no object…” game. So if you happened to be handed a cool billion or two, what would you do with it?




Thank you so much to Michelle for visiting the blog today! Her latest book, An Unlikely Bride For The Billionaire, is available now and you can keep up to date with her on Facebook and via her Website.




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