Meet the Team – Chris

Meet the Team – Chris

‘And will you be bringing anyone?’

Six words that hang in the air like a child’s balloon caught on the breeze

Hello by the way, I’m Chris, nice to meet you. Welcome to the website, we might be biased but it’s pretty good don’t you think? Along with the great and the good of Paradise Heights I busy myself with being the grease amongst the websites gears, making sure the motors running and the headlights shine. As well as uploading the content I dip my toe into the choppy waters of marketing, making sure you’re aware of the long and distinguished catalogue we have to offer, now before I forget, back to that balloon…

It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment; it’s just that I haven’t found the right girl yet, which as you can imagine at Paradise Heights is of somewhat of a sin. I work in an office where relationships are carved out of granite and love is the drug to which we all subscribe. So I’ve decided to stand up and take my shot at joining them, on my ‘Man About Town’ blog posts I will be the lone voice auditioning for the choir of commitment. Along the way I’ll proffer an opinion on life, culture and everything in between from the perspective of the single male looking for a change. I’ll be charting my hopelessly hapless dating disasters but who knows with a little bit of luck some of them might turn out alright in the end…

Right, what’s next?