Meet the *NEW* Author – Ellie Darkins

Meet the *NEW* Author – Ellie Darkins

Please welcome Ellie Darkins to the Mills & Boon family! We’re thrilled to have her on board. The editorial team that snapped her up were really impressed with her unique author voice and strong characters. Everyone’s really excited for her debut novel, which will be published in September 2014!

We managed to grab 5 minutes with Ellie (between glasses of champagne) to discuss her great news!

It seems like 2014 is the year for Incredibly Exciting Events, and I have one more item to add to the agenda …

Yesterday I received a call from Mills & Boon offering me a contract for my next book …. and the one after that too!

I’d spent the last few days with half an eye on my inbox after sending through a revised manuscript to the editor at Mills & Boon, but I was actually feeling pretty relaxed about it. After going through several rounds of feedback and revisions I was really happy with  my story, knew that the editors were enthusiastic, and that I couldn’t have worked harder on it. So when I received an email from my editor asking if I was free for a phone call, I was quietly confident.

I tried to stay calm, reminded myself of the questions I’d want to ask about contracts and deadlines and schedules — if the news was good — and waited for the phone to ring. But as soon as the words ‘two-book deal’ were mentioned all pretence at cool flew out the window! I pretty much gushed for the rest of the call — but at least had the presence of mind to put a bottle of champagne in the fridge!

I’m (obviously!) absolutely overjoyed at this news, and can’t wait to share Will and Maya’s story with you all. Publication’s scheduled for September 2014 and I’ll keep you posted with everything that happens between now and then. In the meantime, I owe an enormous THANK YOU to Alexia Adams, my long-suffering critique partner, and Flo Nicoll, editor extraordinaire at Mills and Boon, both of whom saw the potential in Will and Maya’s story and helped me pull it into shape. And to my family and friends who read drafts and delivered tea, food, mince pies and wine when I was bashing away at the laptop — THANK YOU!

Now I guess it’s time to get back to my notebooks and keep scribbling!



You can follow Ellie on Twitter here or catch up with all the latest from her author adventure on her blog