Meet the judge: Robin Windsor

Meet the judge: Robin Windsor

Strictly’s not the same without him, but It Takes Two is even better for that gorgeous smile! Robin Windsor makes a great addition to any dance floor but he’s all set to be an amazing judge too, in our Man Of The Year 2016 competition.

While he’ll be judging our entrants on qualities like ambition, and a sense of fun and adventure, he’s definitely a bit of a hero himself! Robin moved to London when he was just 15-years-old, determined to follow his dreams of dancing professionally.

Destiny was calling, but hard work had a huge hand in his success. Sometimes he’d train until midnight, even when he had to get up for work at the crack of dawn. When he turned 22, Robin started travelling the world through his part in a touring dance show. Broadway adored him. So did the West End.

And now we can’t get enough!

Robin Windsor is a man who never let go of his dreams. 

Do you know someone like that, ladies?

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