Meet Curvy Kate model, Lotte

Meet Curvy Kate model, Lotte

Wondering who the curvacious beauty is, modelling on the front of the new, FREE Scantilly Tales book? Meet Lotte…

I’ve spent years and years trying to find fashionable, sexy and flattering underwear for bigger boobs that actually fits well. It shouldn’t be hard but it really, really is. So when Scantilly came along it was like my dreams had come true and I’m sure there are millions of women out there who feel the same way. No longer will I have to squeeze my boobs into ill-fitting lace bras from brands that are totally anti big boobs. Sexy is all about feeling confident and happy in yourself and who you are.

Being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what your shape or size you are, is one of the sexiest traits are person can have. If you’re looking and feeling your best, you will ooze sexiness without even trying. So why shouldn’t every woman, regardless or the size of her boobs, be able to experience what it’s like to feel super sexy every day?

My modelling career began back in 2013 when my mum persuaded me to enter SIAB. I sent through

my photos, a couple of head shots and a few bikini snaps and the rest is history. I still can’t believe how quickly it all unfolded so if you’re considering entering this year, don’t think twice! I promise you will not regret it. I’ve been working with the Curvy Kate crew ever since and we’re like one big family, I feel so lucky to be part of it all.

After a year and a half of CK shoots, my agency Hughes, found my Instagram profile and got in touch – I was signed that week! I’ve been lucky enough to travel and meet the most amazing people while modelling and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m not ashamed to say that I love being in front of the camera and when you’re on set with an amazing photographer that you really connect with the energy is amazing.

I especially love modelling for Curvy Kate because we’re not just the faces or bodies of the brand, we’re the voices. I’m able to get my opinion out there and people want to listen which is surprising! I like to think through modelling I might be considered as somewhat of a role model to girls out there who can relate to me in some way and the thought of inspiring other women in the world to look and feel their best is a pretty special feeling.

I think my experience as a curvy girl in the modelling industry has been a very lucky one. In the two and a half years I have been modelling I am yet to come across a client, photographer or stylist who has told me to change the way I am. When I signed to my agency people told me to prepare myself for a lot of criticism and rejection but that just hasn’t happened. And I know a lot of other curve models who feel the same too. I genuinely do think the industry is changing its tone and it’s really exciting to be a part of it.

Lotte is on the cover of Scantilly Tales – a Mills & Boon partnership with Scantilly by Curvy Kate. Scantilly Tales is a romantic flash-fiction competition for women wanting to reveal their hidden writing talents and unleash their seductive side. Order your FREE copy now.