The Appeal of the Hot Doc

The Appeal of the Hot Doc

Medical romance expert, author Annie O’Neil gives us an insight into the enduring appeal of the dreamy doc! We think she may have a favourite love island contestant already…

You had me at island. Wait!

Love Island? Even better. *Fans self in anticipation of being fanned and handed fruity cocktails*

What’s that? He’s single….loooking for love…and……wait for it…..he’s also…..(I told you, you had to wait for it)…..he’s a doctor.

Splergggg! *short circuits*

DOCTOR??? Seriously? Hang on everyone. He’s just become the hottest chap on the island.

How do I love thee O Lonely Hearted doctor on Love Island? Let me count the ways.

One: he’s got brains. And lots of ‘em. How else can you account for a man who tells you he got supraventricular tachycardia when he first set eyes on you. (That’s a racing heart, people…sexy style). Throw some unilateral mydriasis into the picture? (aka – dilated pupils)….colour me weak-kneed.

Two: He’s got stamina. Anyone who’s seen the nap room in Grey’s or ER knows a forty-eight shift doesn’t get the best of a fellow when he’s got L-O-V-E pumping through his veins. He knows life and death more than most and who wouldn’t want to help him through the tougher days with a bit of lip lock?

Three: He cares. I don’t care how hard-hearted you want to pretend to be. Anyone who takes a vow to care and protect? And then pops a ring on your finger and takes another vow to care and protect? That’s a man with a big ol’ heart.

Four: Courage. Doctors do things most of us can’t bear. They deal with the darker sides of life on a daily basis and come back for more. We’re human. They, above all people, recognise these bodies of ours need some TLC. It’s humbling and admirable. A calling, some would say. And you can’t fight that kind of magic. Especially on an island…built just for love.

Five: (Yes, okay…this one’s not very PC of me, but…) ai carumba people! Have you seen his picture? He’s a hottie. ‘Nuf said.


Annie O’Neil


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