Lost in Romance #8 – ‘I need a doctor!’

Lost in Romance #8 – ‘I need a doctor!’

Just what is it that just keeps us lusting over those delectable docs in Mills & Boon Medical Romance? Surely it’s not the toothpaste-coloured scrubs, although no one can resist a man in uniform. Perhaps it’s the George Clooney ER flashbacks. Or the seductively draped stethoscope… Must. Stop. Lusting. For in fact, the real attraction of these miraculous medics extends far beyond the artificial.

Here at Paradise Heights we’re constantly searching for the heroes and heroines that inspire and excite, delight and surprise, or scandalise and amaze the reader (the list is endless). We’re looking for protagonists that we can fall in love with, just as the characters do. And perhaps this is what’s just so special about the Medical series – these doctors, nurses, paramedics and midwives are true heroes and heroines. They really do save lives…every day, and in every book.

Amidst the backdrop of cutting-edge medical drama, in some of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful cities, let your pulse begin to race… Emotions run high as these consummate professionals transform the lives of their patients, creating the potential for explosive encounters as they put their own hearts on the line and find love along the way.

We’ve recently launched the sensational 200 Harley Street eight-book continuity. Set in the heart of London’s glittering West End, at the exclusive Hunter Clinic, medicine has never been more glamorous! Carol Marinelli and Scarlet Wilson commence the sizzling series with 200 Harley Street: Surgeon in a Tux and 200 Harley Street: Girl from the Red Carpet. Continue to immerse yourself in the dazzling world of London’s hottest docs, with stories from Alison Roberts, Lynne Marshall, Kate Hardy, Annie Claydon, Louisa George and Amy Andrews all coming very soon! 

Contemporary or traditional, sensual or sweet, there’s a home for a whole range of authors within Medical – and we’re always looking for fresh, innovative voices to add to the mix!

Only a few days ago, on 24th March, we kick-started our fabulous new Medical fast track 24 Hours in M&B (#24HoursinMandB). The premise: 1 chapter, 1 day’s turnaround. Forget the defibrillator, we’re promising a lightning-fast assessment of submissions in – you guessed it – 24 hours. At the end of the month, the Medical Team will choose their favourite three chapters to go through to a public vote, and the chance to win a guaranteed mentorship with a Medical series editor. Now, how could you possibly resist that tantalising opportunity!

In 2014, Mills & Boon Medical Romance is set to publish books from five stunning new authors. Don’t miss Resisting Her Rebel Hero by Lucy Ryder this April, as she releases her debut title. Everyone loves a rebel, but one scorching hot, unforgettable kiss from Major Sam Kellan could lead to more than Dr Cassidy Mahoney’s bargained for… and more than she can resist!

So, if you’re looking for feisty, fun and flirtatious heroines, or intelligent, drop-dead gorgeous heroes – then Medical Romance is the series for you. But do tell us, why do our delicious docs get your heart racing?