Lost in Romance #21 – The Other Significant Other…

Lost in Romance #21 – The Other Significant Other…

Flatmates. We’ve all had them…the good, the bad, and the never-cleans-their-hair-out-of-the-plughole-and-always-finishes-the-milk ugly. Yes, anyone who has ever shared an apartment knows that there is more than one significant other in their life – in fact, this particular significant other probably knows a lot more about you than the man you’re in love with.

Last weekend, after a particularly heavy night on the town (one that no amount of coffee was ever going alleviate) my flatmate and I found ourselves in the middle of the day lying in the darkness, in our comfiest and most inelegant clothing, watching a trashy film. Bliss. Well, until our increasingly awkward agent let himself into the flat hoping to give a viewing…you can imagine his surprise when he turned the lights on and discovered two blinking sloth-like individuals peering at him from beyond the television. It was a rather uncomfortable scenario, unwillingly shared by eight prospective viewers who, bless them, couldn’t help but stare.

You see, there is an incomparable closeness between two people who share a key that is completely incomprehensible to anyone on the outside. What happens in the apartment, stays in the apartment. There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide…only your flatmate knows that you actually had two dinners last night, haven’t been on a run in over six months and regularly catches you dipping your finger in the yoghurt. A spoon is so unnecessary sometimes.

But what happens when your other significant other becomes your significant other…? What if your flatmate is actually a man you end up falling for? It’s a recipe for a whole lotta love – all under one roof! The beginning of August marks the start of the fabulous new continuity from Modern Tempted, The Flat in Notting Hill. Izzy, Tori and Poppy are living the London dream – sharing a big flat in Notting Hill, they have good jobs, wild nights out…and each other. And then they meet the men of their dreams…

In The Morning After the Night Before by Nikki Logan, Izzy should just be waking up with a hangover after telling her arrogant boss exactly where to stick his job…instead she finds herself waking up in bed with him! Harry doesn’t sleep with employees, but having her sprawled beneath him feels like heaven. Even better is the fact that since Izzy’s resigned, Harry can break his own rule against mixing business with pleasure – over and over again!

Then, in Sleeping with the Soldier by Charlotte Phillips, Lara Conner decides to confront the man whose nocturnal activities are keeping her awake at night… Yet when ex-soldier Alex discovers that gorgeous Lara lives next door he realises keeping his distance is going to be difficult. Impossible, even. But perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to show her just why sleep is so overrated…!

And in October, look out for Your Bed or Mine? by Joss Wood, when Tori Phillips finds herself regretting her man-ban when she ends up in bed with her new roommate, irresistibly sexy Matt! Matt knows how much trouble love can cause, but one night with sex-bomb Tori can’t hurt. After all, the hardest decision they have to make is her bed or his. Right…?

Finally, in Enemies with Benefits by Louisa George, Poppy Spencer discovers that there’s only one thing worse than spending Christmas alone – spending it with Isaac Blair, her enemy turned flatmate! And that’s not just because he knows all her secrets…but because his sexy-as-sin smile is making her all hot and fluttered – despite the icy cold outside!

So if you’re looking for a collection of flirty, sexy reads, don’t miss the start of this sensational continuity. Because one thing’s for sure: when love and lust exists under one roof it’s a whole lot harder to resist temptation!

We’d love to hear your stories too…have you ever fallen for your flatmate?