Lost in Romance #13 – And ‘douze points’ go to…

Lost in Romance #13 – And ‘douze points’ go to…

On Saturday night, a strange, almost feverish anticipation gripped the nation. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman…Eurovision was back. Words can’t really encapsulate this annual competition that, for many, recurs like an unwanted and highly unusual disease. But if you can handle Eurovision, you can handle pretty much anything life throws at you. Embrace its crazy eccentricity, and you may well enjoy the weirdest, most wonderful evening of the year.

Eurovision 2014, hosted by Denmark, passed in a blur of brightly coloured lights, bizarrely brilliant acts and a bearded contestant who threw gender stereotypes out the window – and won. It’s one of the only times of the year when we Brits remember that we are part of this larger union of countries, and revel in it. Eagerly, all fifty-two nations vote for their favourite countries, *ahem*, contestants, in a blatant display of favouritism and politics. It’s fabulous.

So what happens when Eurovision meets Mills & Boon…there’s a few words you never expected to see in the same sentence. It’s a question I posed to the editorial team this week – which European hero would they choose to read about within our books? And it turns out, we all have a favourite foreigner tickling our fancy!

It was a frenzied vote-off that spanned all four points of the compass, ranging from blue-eyed Scandinavians to olive-skinned Cypriotes. Often the seductive cadence of a particular accent held a specific appeal, the soft syllables of the French to the irresistible Italian intensity. It turns out we’re after the language of love after all, for these two Romanic languages came out top! ‘Douze points’ are awarded to Italy, ‘dix points’ to France and ‘huit points’ to our very own British heroes.

And this month, you can take an opulent journey across the continent with the start of Rebecca Winters’ Princes of Europe duet. Charming princes Vincenzo and Valentino are determined to fulfil their duty to their beloved kingdoms but they haven’t counted on the revolutions in their hearts, caused by two captivating commoners! Risking everything to win the trust of the women they love, they soon find the true meaning of commitment and honour – proving that sometimes, fairytales do come true…and in the most unexpected ways! Expecting the Prince’s Baby (Cherish) is available now, and Becoming the Prince’s Bride (Cherish) is available in June 2014.

And if you just can’t decide on your favourite European hero, you can step into the lavish glory of the world’s most exclusive hotel, The Chatsfield (Modern)…where the clients are impossibly rich and exceptionally famous. Synonymous with style, sensation…and scandal, this eight-book continuity will dazzle you with its glamour, and leave you desiring more. With luxurious hotels spread across Europe’s glittering capital cities, it’s impossible to choose…and you don’t have to, you can experience it all at www.thechatsfield.com!

There’s just one question left to ask, which country tickles your fancy?