Let’s talk Royal Romance!

Let’s talk Royal Romance!

Here at Mills & Boon we LOVE a Royal Wedding and it’s safe to say, we are very excited for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s big day! To celebrate our author’s have told us what they love about royal weddings and we’ve also got some brilliant royal romance books to recommend!


Why our authors love a royal wedding!

Little Eugenie is getting married?!  I still remember, at thirteen, being keenly interested in Prince Andrew’s wedding and buying every magazine I could find about it – which weren’t many, in my remote American small town in 1986!  But royal weddings are such a happy spectacle, a fantasy of romance and glamour. I’ve written a few royal weddings in my books, including the one out now: in The Heir the Prince Secures a Sicilian prince discovers his one-night stand with a good-hearted Brooklyn waitress had consequences… and demands marriage for the sake of their baby. But hopefully Eugenie’s wedding goes a little more smoothly than that!

Jennie Lucas

I’m always excited by royal weddings for the pure theatre of them. I’ll breathlessly await the arrivals to the location, first and foremost to see the fashions! There’s always that suspense of what the bride will be wearing. Then there’s the groom. He might be dashing in military regalia, or distinguished in traditional clothing from wherever the wedding is, or sexy in a contemporary tuxedo. And what about the guests? Will the women wear black or choose brightly colored dresses? Will they don hose like Kate or modern bare legs like Meghan? Hats? And the celebrations! I love to know exactly what food was served, and what the room and table settings and flowers were like. If the newlyweds had a first dance, I’d want to know to what song. I just love the grand scale and romantic detail of it all!

Andrea Bolter

I love royal romance – I love the fairytale element laced with a dose of reality. The mixture of being swept off your feet into a glamorous world of royalty alongside the down to earth, emotional detail of what that means. The idea of the hero/ heroine as a true prince or princess, both on the outside (palaces, wealth, power, glitter and sparkle) and on the inside (goodness, loyalty, inner beauty and sparkle) The Cinderella moment, watching an alpha male entering a world where the woman he loves is a ruler, fictional kingdoms, the need for an heir,  ….so many possibilities for romance, glamour and emotion.

Nina Milne


Royal Romance Book recommendations!

Seduced by the Prince’s Kiss by Bronwyn Scott

Kubanian Prince Stepan Shevchenko is good at two things: keeping secrets, especially the secrets of his own heart,  and fighting injustice.  In England, smuggling has become a  means of protest for him, a way to stand up to unfair economic practices that limit who can afford to business. But it is a choice that comes with dangers and requires he live a part from those he cares for who might be at risk should his deceptions be discovered. The plan works well until the vivacious Anna-Maria, a woman who has haunted his dreams for years, decides to take matters into her own hands, putting Stepan’s livelihood, his heart, and both of their lives in peril.

Princess’s Nine-Month Secret by Kate Hewitt

A royal bride… a secret pregnancy! Can Princess Halina find love with ruthless Rico Falcone amidst the desert sands?

A forbidden night leads to a royal wedding–if only Rico Falcone can capture his runaway bride. Will Princess Halina bend to his ruthless will?

All Princess Halina wanted was a single night to have fun like any other young woman… and she was swept away by ruthless Rico Falcone. With a nine-month secret on the way, she will become his royal bride–if only he can find her.

Sheikh’s Pregnant Cinderella by Maya Blake

When Sheikh Zufar is jilted, and his kingdom catapulted into chaos, he needs a stand in bride – fast!  Suddenly palace maid Neisha finds herself thrust into the lime light…and a wedding dress!  Their marriage may be for convenience yet the attraction igniting between them is anything but, and when they give in to temptation for one passionate night, Neisha soon discover she’s carrying the royal heir!  But this Cinderella bride isn’t all she seems…for she could be the long-lost heir to a rival kingdom…   Part of the Bound to the Desert King series, this royal romance is packed full of passion, power and palace scandal!