Katrina Cudmore: inspiration behind new romance

Katrina Cudmore: inspiration behind new romance

My inspiration for my latest release ‘Their Baby Surprise’ was two-fold. My love for London and the intimate bond that is created when a couple are expecting a baby…even if it’s a surprise pregnancy and neither are exactly open to love!

Meet the Hero

My hero Lucien Duval is a tough CEO. He grew up knowing that his parents resented his birth. Already divorced after a turbulent teenage marriage and having witnessed his parents’ volatile relationship, he has sworn never to love or marry again. But when he learns that the heroine, Charlotte Aldridge, is pregnant with his child he puts aside his own feelings and fears. Lucien is determined that his child will never feel unwanted.

And the Heroine…

Charlotte shuns love and relationships ever since she was betrayed by her ex and her best friend when she was battling depression. She doesn’t want to get married either, especially not to her uncompromising CEO. But, with little family support, a fear of her depression returning and the desire to give her child a secure upbringing, she agrees to marry Lucien.

I had so much fun writing this story. I loved revealing how Lucien and Charlotte fall in love as they both adjust to marriage, living together and Charlotte’s pregnancy. They both have huge emotional scars and fears to overcome. At times it looks like their growing love and admiration for each other just won’t be enough. But by revealing their inner fears and need for one another, love does eventually win!

My love for London

London is the backdrop for this deeply emotional story. I was born in London but raised on a farm in Ireland; you really couldn’t get two more different places! When I was fourteen I returned to London for an entire summer. My days were spent exploring the city with my sixteen year-old sister and cousin. I still have a vivid memory of sitting on the underground bowled over by the energy of this vibrant cosmopolitan city. I promised myself that one day I would live there. Which I did when I returned at nineteen to complete my Masters in the London School of Economics and after that when I worked in Human Resources.

Sadly London has been hit by many tragedies this summer. Despite these tragedies, London will continue to thrive and be one of the most inclusive cities in the world, where love and respect for others is cherished. The love shown by the people of London inspired me to write this book. This love is reflected in ‘Their Baby Surprise’ in Lucien and Charlotte’s acceptance of each other’s fragilities and determination to support each other in good times and bad.

Don’t miss out on Katrina Cudmore‘s fabulous book. Their Baby Surprise is out now!