International Women’s Day: The Women Who Inspire Us

International Women’s Day: The Women Who Inspire Us

It’s International Women’s Day! We’re proud to publish romance that is by women, for women and to celebrate sisterhood, we’ve asked our lovely authors to tell us more about the women who have inspired them!

  • I know it sounds corny, but I am always inspired by compassionate, strong women who forge their own paths in industries that aren’t necessarily kind to them. People like Mindy Kaling, Gina Rodriguez and Michelle Obama hold special places in my heart. Even more personally, I admire authors like Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson who’ve shown me what’s possible in my career – Therese Beharrie


  • I look up to my mum and her friends, ‘the girls’. Having known each other since university, they now meet up once a month for dinner and drinks in London and what inspires me is how they have supported each other not only through sickness, grief, loss but also in their joys, their triumphs and successes professionally and personally. To me they are a steadfast unit, all for one and one for all, each compassionate, powerful, intelligent, and I really hope that when I’m nearing seventy that I am still having as much fun with my friends as they do together – Pippa Roscoe


  • I am inspired by my girlfriend, Amber, who has a Ph.D in education but chose instead of working a traditional workplace career path , has devoted twenty plus  years to raising her three kids, running her home, putting her husband through medical school, and supporting his practice. Now that her kids are launched, Amber has turned her experiences towards helping launch other students towards college success by privately working (on her own time and dollar) with emotionally, intellectually and financially supporting first generation college students. WOW. To me, this is what community and giving back really looks like on a very personal one on one level – Bronwyn Scott


  • My mother will always be the most inspirational woman in my life but there is also another group of people who I admired: pediatric ICU nurses. They cared for children with the worse of the worst diseases and illnesses which can’t be easy. No matter how heartbreaking their job can be they return to do it again. So often they not only care for their patients but the families as well. They are special angels on earth – Susan Carlisle


  • I look up to the American writer and imagineer of contemporary food writing, MFK Fisher. Not only is she a extraordinary writer, she approached life as if it were the most extraordinary adventure ever and lived it to the hilt. I would encourage anyone to read her books (and dare you not to eat snacks while you’re doing it!) – Annie O’Neil