International Billionaires Quiz

International Billionaires Quiz

We do love a Billionaire at Mills & Boon. In fact, we love them so much we decided to dedicate a whole month to them! But with so many to chose from, how do you know where to start? Well, lucky for you, our editors have devised a foolproof method to find your heart’s desire. So why not sit back, relax and take our International Billionaire’s quiz!

Q: A first date is a special occasion. Where would you like to be taken?

A: Modern: You don’t date him, he dates you. You’ll have very little choice as to the location! But, rest assured, you’ll have never seen luxury or exclusivity like it.

B: Cherish:  Whether it’s dinner for two in a classy restaurant, a champagne picnic watching the sun set over the Italian Riviera, or a romantic evening walk along his private beach, you want a date where you can really start getting to know each other. And enjoy a heart-stopping kiss at the end of the evening, of course!

C: Medical: A swanky penthouse bar that’s open twenty-four hours!

D: Historical: The latest ball everyone is gossiping about. You’ll be the talk of the ton!


Q: When he turns up at your door, what kind of vehicle does he roll up in?

A: Modern: Don’t be surprised if he turns up in his private jet!

B: Cherish: Flashing the cash isn’t this man’s style – instead, his car will be the height of tasteful luxury! You’ll feel like a princess when he whisks you off for a whirlwind night of romance!

C: Medical: He lands in a helicopter – he’s always ready for action!

D: Historical: The ducal carriage drawn by a fine set of six white horses


Q: He invites you to his home. What is it like?

A: Modern: a home carved from the mountainous rock of a fictional Mediterranean island, built in chrome, glass, steel and sleek modernity.

B: Cherish: Which home?! He’s likely to have a property portfolio that’s the envy of everyone, but whether it’s a charming Tuscan vineyard, opulent Spanish palazzo or classy London townhouse, it will be sophisticated, style guaranteed.

C: Medical:  A luxurious apartment near Harley Street

D: Historical: An extensive country estate, dating from the Tudor era, sumptuously decorated.


Q: He has money to lavish on you. What gift would you most treasure?

A: Modern: He will shower you with the biggest diamonds and the most beautiful sapphires, but what you will treasure most is his heart.

B: Cherish: It’s not about the price tag – it’s the thought, care and imagination that has gone into choosing it that will make his gift priceless.  

C: Medical: A weekend at a high-end health spa

D: Historical: The family diamonds, of course, what else!


Q: He whisks you away for your honeymoon. Where has he chosen for your wedding night?

A: Modern: Whether it’s his idyllic private island, an incredible royal palace, a gorgeous sprawling estate, or a luxurious Bedouin tent… your wedding night will be the most incredible night of your life. Safe to say, you don’t really see much apart from the bedroom!

B: Cherish: It’s the honeymoon destination of your dreams – he knows you so well that he’s organised your perfect night! He’s thought of every last detail and as you toast each other with a glass of bubbles, you know this will be the start of a lifetime of happiness – together!

C: Medical: A private beach in the Caribbean, where the only person he’s on-call for is you!

D: Historical: Back to the secluded, lavish halls of one of his many estates. A longer journey before reaching the bedroom is out of the question!



If you chose mostly A’s why not try our jetsetting Modern series? Featuring seductive heroes and luxurious locations, we recommend Carol Marinelli’s Di Sione’s Innocent Conquest (The first book in The Billionaire’s Legacy) and Sharon Kendrick’s Crowned for the Prince’s Heir (One Night with Consequences) for some passion and glamour. 

If you chose mostly B’s you are a born romantic at heart – your priority is true love, whether he’s a billionaire or not! But that doesn’t mean you’ll say no to being treated like a princess now and again…or all the time for that matter! You’ll enjoy Mills & Boon Cherish for that dash of wealth and hit of sheer emotion! Check out The Billionaire Who Saw Her Beauty by Rebecca Winters or The Forbidden Prince by Alison Roberts, Wedded for His Royal Duty by Susan Meier or An Unlikely Bride for the Billionaire by Michelle Douglas!

If you chose most C’s checkout our high-flying Doctors in our Medical series! We know you’ll love Winning Back His Doctor Bride by Tina Beckett (The final book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic miniseries) and Seduced by the Sheikh Surgeon by Carol Marinelli (The first book in the Desert Prince Docs duet). 

If you chose mostly D’s why not step back in time with our Historical series? While a privtae jet may be out of the question, there is no shortage of estates and jewels to keep you in the lap of luxury! Pick up The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone by Louise Allen (The final book in Lords of Disgrace quartet) and Commanded by the French Duke by Meriel Fuller and get swept away.