HOW TO…put the sizzle in your story!

HOW TO…put the sizzle in your story!

The sugary ice cream dribble running down our fingers can only mean one thing, summer is officially here. Our guilty little pleasure, Mr Whippy, might be the only man to provide a momentary relief against the sweltering rays of the sun, but this year we’re not hoping for vanilla…we want the Karamel Sutra of the ice cream clan!


It’s time to put the sizzle back into summer! Over the next few months, forget about cooling down, we’re looking to heat things up…starting with your stories. And no, it’s not all about sex! Sometimes the most sensual of scenes are those that teeter on the edge of ecstasy, teasing, promising, but never quite giving in to temptation…


It’s the scorching stuff of fiction that can make any reader go weak at the knees – and not always for the right reasons! But this Summer, lose your fear of writing the dreaded sex scene forever…with our top ten tips for putting the sizzle back in your story!



1)      Evocative not explicit!

Less is always, always more. Including every gritty, intimate detail of a sexy scene is a sure fire way to repulse your reader. A little bit of mystery keeps the romance alive!


2)     The rollercoaster ride…

Sensual tension is essential, but too much of a good thing can become overwhelming. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor. Let’s see the highs and lows, the peaks and troughs, these dualities are complementary rather than opposing!


3)     Keep it classy!

We’re not necessarily looking for diamonds, or for Prince Charming, but your heroine should be treated with respect – in and out of the bedroom!


4)     Let the sparks fly…

The sizzling chemistry between this dynamic duo should be in no doubt! It’s that tantalising question of ‘will they, won’t they’ that keeps the reader turning pages to the very end.


5)     Don’t forget dialogue!

Go easy on the dirty talk, but silence can be deafening…let’s hear those sweet nothings, it’s a great access point into understanding what your characters are thinking.


6)     Embargo on euphemisms…

Member, rod, mound, inner goddess, nether lips, nub. No, just no. None of these descriptions belong in any sexy scene. Tell it how it is!


7)     Sensory and sensual…

If you really want your story to sizzle, it should be a feast for all the senses! It’s the only way to truly transport your reader into the characters’ world…and send shivers down their spine.


8)     Sexy stepping stones!

Crucially, each sexy scene should act as a stepping stone or turning point in the hero and heroine’s relationship. Let’s see their emotional response – but always show us, don’t just tell us!


9)     Keep raising the stakes…

Of course, every moment takes on a far greater significance when there remains the possibility of all being lost – raise the stakes in their relationship and keep your reader on tenterhooks!


10)  Don’t fake it!

Remember, if you’re not flustered and a little red in the cheeks whilst writing these scenes, then your reader won’t be hot and bothered either!


Happy writing! Keep it sizzling…