How To Write a Twitter Pitch

How To Write a Twitter Pitch

So you’ve got your #HotelScandal percolating in your head. You’re ready, you’re excited, you’re…completely unsure what a ‘Twitter Pitch’ is and where to start. Not to worry! The trusty M&B team is here to give you all of our tips and tricks for mastering the Twitter pitch and dazzling in just 140 characters.

So, what is the #HotelScandal Twitter Pitch? It’s a chance for you to pitch the M&B Modern team a story idea in a single tweet – 127 characters or less, to be exact as you’ll also need to include ‘#HotelScandal’. You can say it however you like but it’s crucial to remember that it’s a hook so you must include the motivation, crisis and the secret. Remember, you can get inspiration by downloading Lucy Monroe’s Chatsfield bestseller Sheikh’s Scandal for FREE for a limited time.

The Examples: How to pitch in 140 characters

50 Shades of Grey

Girl meets control freak tycoon, determined to dominate at all cost. Will her backside survive the 50 shades of spanking? #HotelScandal

Great Expectations

Orphan meets crazy broken bride, old ex con, and beautiful little girl on his way from rags to riches. #HotelScandal

Gone with the Wind

Civil war southern belle & darkly gorgeous hero go head to head, passion & power play ensure that they do really give a damn! #HotelScandal

Pride and Prejudice

Woman meets man & can’t stand him. Until she sees him in a white wet shirt. Can she get over her prejudice, and his pride? #HotelScandal

Jane Eyre

Waif becomes nanny for dark brooding hero. Fighting her desire for him she soon uncovers a secret in his attic! #HotelScandal


Our Top Tips:

  • Plan your tweet(s) in advance! Don’t stress yourself out on the day of the contest. Make sure you’re practicing and even show a friend to see if they get the gist without the context like our editors will.
  • Use the hashtag or else the editors won’t see it.
  • Make sure you tell us enough – if it’s too vague it’s not going to catch our eye.
  • Don’t worry about using character or place names – they take up too much space.
  • Every word counts, you can omit articles (the, a, an) to make your point and get in under 140 characters if necessary.
  • Only post your pitch once – no need to flood the feed, we’ll see it.
  • It’s all about having fun so retweet your favourites and support your fellow Twitter pitchers!

Questions? Ask our Modern Team editors on Twitter Laura McCallen and Pippa Roscoe