How To Propose To A Princess – Exclusive Extract!

How To Propose To A Princess – Exclusive Extract!

We’re giving our lucky readers a sneak peek at the third installment in The Princess Brides collection, Rebecca Winters’ new book How To Propose To A Princess. Read on for an exclusive extract…

She fell for a doctor…

Can she love a crown prince?

It’s love at first sight for both Dr. Nico Barsotti and Princess Fausta of Domodossola. But before proposing, orphaned Nico resolves to uncover the secrets of his birth. Fausta’s always longed for a life away from the royal court, so what happens when Nico reveals his discovery – he’s a Crown Prince!


Little by little, he was fanning the flames with a royal princess whose life had been mapped out from birth. Though she wished she were a commoner and insisted she would never marry a prince, Fausta had admitted that her parents were constantly pressuring her. Of course he believed her, but Nico didn’t feel… worthy of her.

He was a child who’d grown up abandoned by his parents and had become a realist. Though Fausta might not be in a relationship right now, she’d just told him her parents had royal plans for her. All he could imagine would be an affair with her which would be impossible to hush up, something he couldn’t let happen.

There was another factor too. It wouldn’t be fair to go on seeing her much longer when he might not stay in Domodossola much longer. That all depended on finding his parents and he was expecting some news of them soon. For that reason, he hadn’t bought a home and settled down here.

When or if he did find his parents, or discover his origins, or where he belonged and he discovered it was in another country, hopefully one or both his parents would want to get acquainted with him. It might be that he’d make a permanent move to be with them.

Then again, they might not want anything to do with him. Though he was taking a huge risk, he’d nursed the hope of a reunion for years. Certainly he wouldn’t expect a woman he was involved with, especially the princess, to deal with a future as uncertain as his.

All this was on his mind as he and Fausta exited the theatre. She looked gorgeous in a summery print dress. “Let’s get some gelato around the corner before I take you home.”

Their bodies brushed as they made their way through the crowds. The warm, beautiful early summer night brought out his longing to find a private place and kiss her into oblivion. So far he hadn’t touched her. He didn’t dare, or he wouldn’t want to stop.

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