How I Relax: Author Sarah Morgan

How I Relax: Author Sarah Morgan

We are very excited about the publication this Friday October 3rd,  of Sarah Morgan’s final book in the Snow Crystal trilogy, ‘Maybe This Christmas’.

We caught up with Sarah  to find out what she does when she’s not busy writing bestselling novels… so here we go, Sarah Morgan’s top tips on how to relax.

READING –There’s no better way to take a break from life than to lose yourself in a book someone else has written. I read at various points during the day, but always before I go to bed. I find it clears my head of my own stories and characters and helps me sleep.

EXERCISE – writing is a sedentary job that mostly happens indoors so when I’m not working I like to get outside and move, preferably somewhere with lakes and mountains, but I’ll settle for the park if I have to!

MUSIC – I love music. Rock, Jazz, classical, opera – for me, music can be mood altering. I have a fantastic album I listen to when I’m stressed, inspired by the rainforest. It’s full of evocative sounds like the patter of rain on leaves and jungle noises. I don’t usually write to music, but I do compile a soundtrack for each book and listen to it when I need to quickly get myself in the mood to write.

MOVIES – watching a movie is the perfect way to relax and it’s also good for creativity because I find I have so many ideas for my own stories and characters while I’m watching. I tell myself that this activity straddles work and relaxation because studying movies is part of my job.  

SOCIAL TIME – I’m an outgoing, sociable person.  I love people and writing is essentially a job where your closest work colleague has a hard drive, a keyboard and no personality so when I’m not working, scheduling a social life is important for my happiness.  I love spending time with family and friends and I’ve learned to make time for that no matter how tight the deadline.