How do we sum up marriage in three words?

How do we sum up marriage in three words?

With #MarriageAdviceIn3Words trending on Twitter today, it’s getting us all talking here at Mills&Boon headquarters. Some of us are married, some of us are seeing someone. Some of us are swiping furiously left and right on our lunch breaks, Tindering our way through the masses in search of our perfect man (ahem). But whether we’re single or not, everyone seems to have a bit of marriage advice:

‘Not before 35’, says our social media guru sagely. ‘Separate bathrooms forever,’ one of our design team ladies adds, (everyone seems to agree with this one). ‘Make her laugh,’ is being hollered across the room now, along with ‘do stuff together!’

All very nice suggestions. Back to the Twittersphere however, some are getting a little dark:

 We have to wonder what went on with that couple over the breakfast table this morning. Same here, we’re guessing:

Others however scream wisdom beyond three words, like this one:

We like this. Love is friendship with wings after all, isn’t that what they say? When you’Ve been around the block and had your heart beaten black and blue, it’s your friends who are there to pick up the pieces. And if one night when you’re wallowing in chocolate cake and vodka, crying in his arms for the millionth time, who’s to say the pieces won’t fall beautifully together, and stick?

Either that or Ryan Gosling will finally rock up at the door.

Ah, we love to live in hope, us single ones. But for the ones seeking marriage advice, this has to be our favourite: 

Sorry… we mean this one:

Love, love, love. Always choose love. If you have that, nothing else matters, right?

What’s your advice for marriage in three words? Tweet us at @millsandboon with the hashtag #MarriageAdviceIn3Words