Hot Single Dads

Hot Single Dads

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve pulled together our top 5 single dads from some of our favourite films. There has been an ongoing appeal for hot single dad romances in both film and literature. We can see why!

At Mills & Boon we love our alpha males, and there’s something so appealing about seeing the tender and emotional side to our romance heroes. The way that the single dads care for their children is enough to melt our hearts. And, when they open their hearts to love again we’re left swooning. Without fail, there’s just something about single dad romances that keep us wanting more. We love single dad romances so much, that we created a hot single dad’s book collection, you can take a look here.

Now for the films…

Love Actually

Daniel played by Liam Neeson

We absolutely love this film. Not only is it all about love, but it is also set in the most romantic season, Christmas. After his wife dies, Daniel is left to raise his stepson Sam alone. Our heart melts as we watch Daniel teach Sam lessons in love so that he can win over the heart of his school crush. We laugh, cry and smile as we watch them both try to overcome their grief and both start to fall in love.

Sleepless in Seattle

Sam played by Tom Hanks

This heart-warming story is an all-time classic. Sam is recently widowed and so his son Jonah calls a radio talk show to find his dad a partner. The relationship between father and son is a delight to see and left us wanting that happily ever after for both Sam and Jonah. The best moment of the film for us is the ending. How romantic to meet someone on the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.


The Holiday

Graham played by Jude Law

Like Amanda, we fall in love with Graham, the charming, handsome gentlemen straight away. And then, when we find out his wife passed away, and he has to look after two little girls alone we fall in love with him even more. His caring, tender nature and the way that he trusts Amanda enough to let her in to his family life and spend time with his girls is truly wonderful. This dad stole our heart, playing ‘Mr Napkinhead’ for his daughters and charming Amanda with his dashing smile, he’s one of our favourites.

The Game Plan

Joe played by Dwayne Johnson

NFL quarterback Joe, lives a care-free bachelor lifestyle, that is until he finds out he has an eight-year-old daughter Peyton from a previous relationship. We laughed along as Joe is forced by Peyton’s ballet teacher Monique, to join in with Peyton’s ballet lessons. We love watching their father daughter relationship develop. And, as Peyton starts to thaw Joe’s heart, we start falling for the bachelor. We wanted to join in with the happy ever after as Joe, Peyton and Monique danced together in Joe’s apartment.

Jersey Girl

Ollie played by Ben Affleck

Ollie lost his wife during childbirth and is left to raise their daughter Gertie by himself. For us this film was less about the love interest Maya and more about the bond that grows between Ollie and his daughter Gertie. We love seeing Ollie’s heart open up and when Ollie starts to show his tender side.



If you love single dad romances, take a look at our Hot Single Dads collection.