Hot Latin Docs

Hot Latin Docs

Hey there everyone! Are you starting your New Year with heaps of good intentions, long lists of resolutions, and a clear out of your secret stash of chocolate? Why not add a little Latin spice to the mix in the form of four completely different, but all very Hot Latin Docs – the Valentino Brothers. Ai carumba! *cue sassy Caribbean music, a huge bowl of limes and a trip to Mad Rons, our very own Miami Hot Spot*

The series was written and conceived by four Medical Romance mavens: Annie ONeil, Amy Ruttan, Tina Beckett and Amalie Berlin.

Annie: Hi Amy! Hows Canada?

Amy: Cold. So yeah, not as Hot as Our Latin Docs (pah ha ha!) Hows it going over there in the UK?

Annie: Pretty a-okay. Especially now that Santiago’s Convenient Fiancée is finally available. I l-o-v-e the hero and heroine in this one. Two super smexy paramedics who clash and spark and – oh yeah – agree to get married for green card purposes only. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge… Saoirse, the heroine, TOTALLY wants to kiss Santiago. And between you and me, so did I. Seriously knee-weakening). How about your book? Any on the page crushes?

Amy: Magic Mike doctor. That’s all I got to say. *fans self* I totally love Alejandro and Kiri, the stars of Alejandro’s Sexy Secret. It was so much fun to write them. Their chemistry was on fire.

Okay everyone, hang onto your straw hats. Its time for the quickfire quiz!

Favourite tropical drink.

Amy: Hurricane. I had them in New Orleans …I think. They’re strong. LOL

Annie: Margarita. On the rocks. Salt on the rim.


Ever been to Miami?

Amy: No. I’ve been to Orlando several times and northern Florida like Jax Beach. I’ve always wanted to go to Miami though.

Annie:  Does the airport count? Im thinking no. So…no. But now I really, really want to go. Also, I hear its warm there. Warm is lovely. *shivers against the biting British wind*


What made you all go Latin for this series?

Amy: We wanted to write four brothers. I think we concocted this series in the winter last year, so we wanted a hot location. It seemed like a good fit for Miami. Plus, I wanted to name my hero Alejandro. I adore that name.

Annie: Uhhhh….anyone seen Antonio Banderas, Diego Boneta, Gael Garcia Bernal, Kuno Becker….I could go on. Enrique Iglesias. Julia Iglesias (Jr or Sr depending upon your age bracket or how cougar-ish you are feeling)

Amy: Annie…we get the picture.

Annie: And of course theres always William Levy (especially if you like to dance), Rodrigo Santoro, Edgar Ramirez…*wanders off in a daze of hottie pants Latinos*


Was it easy working together or more like a telenovella?

Amy: Easy. This series was so much fun to write. I think the editorial team had to reign us in a few times or it might’ve turned into a telenovella. We had very wild, wild aspirations. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to write my Magic Mike Doctor.

Annie: Total. Drama. (If drama means getting to talk to three fabulous gals about sexy guys in warm places saving peoples lives and falling in love.)

Amy: LOL Exactly.

The first two stories in the HOT LATIN DOCS QUARTET by Annie and Amy are out now as a 2in1 paperback or as individual eBooks!




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