Hollywood Hearts – Our favourite romantic couples

Hollywood Hearts – Our favourite romantic couples

The world of celebrity isn’t generally known for its long-lasting relationships. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating the most devoted showbiz couples. How do they do it in an industry where so many relationships end in tabloid-friendly divorce? And is it all glamour and grand gestures?

First-up are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who have been together since 1983 – that’s an amazing 31 years. They say the key to a strong relationship is never taking each other for granted, and credit a shared love of Eastern spirituality for their continued happiness.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have had a rocky road to togetherness but, after eight years together, there’s no denying their devotion. With six children and increasingly busy schedules, they’ve found some interesting ways to declare their love. For his recent 50th birthday, Angelina is said to have bought Brad a secluded heart-shaped island for a staggering $12.2m. As the couple have previously said that plenty of ‘couple time’ makes their relationship so successful, it looks like this romantic island escape may come in handy.

Here at Mills & Boon we love a reformed rogue! For us, Warren Beatty is the perfect Hollywood version, now married to actress Annette Benning for over 21 years. Having tamed the former lothario and overcome a 21-year age gap, Annette has credited similar backgrounds and a mutual respect for their continued romance.

So, million-dollar islands aside, it looks like the simple things are the key to relationship success in Hollywood. Phew! I think I’ll cancel my husband’s diamond-encrusted Lear Jet – we can enjoy a night on the sofa with a good bottle of wine instead.

If all this has left you with a hankering for high-profile romance, where can you find the perfect celebrity love story? Look no further than Nicola Marsh’s Romance for Cynics, which sees fun, feisty Lucy paired up with the famous Cashell Burgess in a PR stunt that could easily backfire. Can Lucy continue to fake their headline-grabbing relationship, or will she be tempted to turn fiction into fact? Order your copy now to find out!