Get to know Mills & Boon!

Get to know Mills & Boon! 

Publishing can be a bit of mystery at times. Sometimes even our authors only get to know a few of the names and faces that work behind the scenes! While we hope we make things look easy and that everything happens seamlessly (!), there are a lot of fabulous and talented people involved in getting our books out into the world and we thought you might like to meet them. 

We’ll be focusing on different members of staff over the next few weeks (they have nowehere to hide) and first up to bat is Mills & Boon very own web diva, Katie Barnes-Wallis. 

Hi Katie! Thank you for volunteering to be first up to interview. Can you explain a bit about your role? 

I’m the Mills & Boon Web Executive and look after, making sure all our newest books are available. I also look after the Mills & Boon emails, which are full of exclusive discounts, competitions and news. If you’re not subscribed make sure you sign-up today! (I couldn’t resist a plug, forgive me!)

What do you like best about working for Mills & Boon?

100% it is being part of team M&B! There are 4 other members of the marketing team and every day is such good fun. Not to mention endless baked treats and romance books coming out of our ears. You can hear the cackles coming off our pod from the other end of the office.

What’s the best thing about working with romance books?

Hot men! Our jackets are the absolute best and I get to look at (swoon over) so many of them as I prep the website with new release each month.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just finished reading the Harry Potter playscript. I’ve been obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter since The Philosopher’s Stone and was devastated when I didn’t secure tickets to see the play. This was made even more unbearable when I found out two members of my team (naming no names, you know who you are!) are off to see it in the next couple of weeks! I knew they would never be able to keep their mouths shut and #KeepTheSecret so I had to run out on 31st July and buy my copy.

Finally, share five things about you that we may not know. 

1. I am a massive klutz. I am well-known amongst my friends and family for breaking everything in sight! Nothing is safe. I’m generally only allowed plastic glasses these days!

2. I’m a Gryffindor (see aforementioned love of Harry Potter).

3. I’m obsessed with Domino’s Pizza. So much so that I get a “Dear valued customer” flyer through my door most weeks.

4. My favourite TV shows are any of the reality ones – TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore, Love Island, I’m a Celeb…. I also love a bit of Great British Bake off. 

5. I went to Glastonbury this year and bawled my eyes out at Adele’s set. That women is incredible! 

Thank you Katie for taking the time to chat with us! Follow her on twitter (she’s getting better, she promises) and check back next week as we shine a spotlight on another member of the team!