Georgia Toffolo on her new book Meet Me In Hawaii

Georgia Toffolo on her new book Meet Me In Hawaii

This week, we caught up with Georgia Toffolo to chat about her upcoming romance novel Meet Me in Hawaii. Read on to find out more about the inspiration behind the book and Toff’s lockdown recommendations!


What can you tell readers about your new novel, Meet Me in Hawaii?

If you enjoyed Meet Me in London you will LOVE Meet Me in Hawaii, it is utter escapism and the perfect book to transport you to the exotic Hawaiian beaches.

What’s something you didn’t expect about becoming an author?

The community around avid book readers and authors. Everyone is so lovely and there is a real sense of comradery.

Made in Chelsea was a big inspiration for Meet me in London – what was your inspiration for Meet me in Hawaii?

My trips to exotic beaches such as Barbados – I really wanted to capture a summer romance in an exotic location!

What are you reading at the moment? What is your top book recommendation right now?

I am currently reading One Hundred Summers by Vanessa Branson – so fascinating. I recently finished The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, such a cosy book – perfect for cold wintery nights.

What TV shows/films have gotten you through Lockdown?

This is going to sound so lame, but I got into Desperate Housewives and became completely obsessed, slightly late to the party but is there a better time to catch up with old series?

Meet Me in Hawaii follows surfer Malie Pukui as she finds true love with gorgeous billionaire Todd Masters in a beautiful island paradise! In what ways are you like Malie, and what inspired her character?

I adore her braveness and fearlessness. I was inspired by my best friend.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Be kind today.

Flowers or chocolates?

Flowers, always!

What qualities would you look for in your dream romantic hero?

Charm, wittiness and a bit of rebellion.

Meet Me in Hawaii is full of fun and adventure. What is the biggest adventure you’ve experienced in your life? 

Cycling across India for charity – we cycled for 3 weeks and it was both incredible and terrifying.


Meet Me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo is published on the 18th of March. Pre-order your copy now!