Exclusive Extract: Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire

Exclusive Extract: Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire

Read on for a sneak preview of Tuscan Summer with the Billionaire by Mills & Boon True Love author, Susan Meier


He couldn’t help it. He laughed. She had a great sense of humor, but more than that, he liked making her laugh about something that had just that morning had her nervous and on edge. 

Still… It wasn’t right. He was feeling things he wasn’t allowed to feel, definitely mixing business with pleasure, when he knew better. 

He shook his head. “I could virtually run our multibillion-dollar conglomerate in my sleep, and your simple family business is breaking all my rules, making me crazy.” 

She shrugged. Her lips turned up into a smile that stole his breath and made his blood race. 

He still held her hand. They stood only a few inches apart. The full moon smiled down on them while the vineyard that was at the center of their problems rustled in the breeze. 

But she was smiling. Amused by him. 

The humor of it struck him and his own lips rose. “This is crazy.” 

“There’s that word again. You use crazy a lot…especially about yourself.” 

She really was funny. Fun. He felt like he was getting a glimpse of her as she really was, maybe as she had been before their employee embezzled. 

With their gazes locked, everything inside him slowed to a crawl. Warmth suffused him, along with a yearning so pure he couldn’t fight it. He inched closer. The connection between them rose, swelling around him, urging him even closer. 

“I think I’m going to kiss you.” 

Her eyes didn’t even flicker with surprise. And why would they? They’d been attracted since the second they’d laid eyes on each other. 

“You shouldn’t.” 

Her voice was a soft whisper that skipped along his spine, but she didn’t move. Didn’t step back. Held his gaze. 


The hum of whatever it was that buzzed between them drowned out his common sense and reasoning. Simple curiosity filled him, as desire surged in his blood and temptation promised fulfillment, pleasure enough to make it worth the risk. 

He lowered his head and kissed her. 


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