Exclusive Extract! Reunited with Doctor Devereaux by Allie Kincheloe

Exclusive Extract! Reunited with Doctor Devereaux by Allie Kincheloe

We have an Easter treat for you! Read this exclusive excerpt from Reunited with Doctor Devereaux by our new debut Medical Romance author Allie Kincheloe!

An unexpected reunion…

…A second chance at love?

Years ago, trauma surgeon Danny Owens broke his promise and broke GP Camilla Deveraux’s heart. Now, Danny is back. The terms of his late father’s will mean they have to work together for the next six months. Danny and Camilla loved each other once, and it’s clear there’s still something burning between them. Can they leave the past behind and embrace the bright future they deserve…together?


She smiled at him. “I do know what that feels like, though. Until you came into my life, I knew that no one would miss me, and that was a fact, not a silly worry. For what it’s worth, though, Danny, I’d miss you.” 

He rolled her words around in his mind, trying to decipher the truth. She hated him, didn’t she? After all the pain he’d caused her, how could she claim that she’d miss him? 

“Sure.” He scoffed, unable to reconcile her statement with her recent actions. “You’ve spent the better half of the last two days yelling at me.” 

“Maybe I like having someone to argue with?” Her tone held a teasing note. 

Danny reached for Camilla’s hand. Her soft skin was warm despite the chill in the air. Their fingers intertwined like they’d done a billion times in the past. A new tension between them kept the simple gesture from feeling familiar, though. 

“You’ve always been my favorite person to argue with,” he said, tugging her closer, not wanting to let the connection between them lapse. 

Camilla’s lips parted and he caught the flash of pink as her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. His head bent toward hers, their mouths only a breath apart. Kissing Camilla would be an epically bad decision, but he wasn’t sure he had the strength to stop himself from making it. 

“Making up after a fight has never been so fun as when I was making up with you.” 

Camilla stiffened at his words. “This is a bad idea. We’ve had far more than a fight. Danny. We’ve practically fought an emotional war. I can’t…” Without another word, she spun and walked to her car. He recognized the angry set of her shoulders. 

Maybe he’d taken the flirting a bit too far, since he didn’t plan on following through with anything. It wouldn’t be fair to her if he started something he had no intention of finishing. He wanted to put Greenbriar in his rearview as soon as the terms of the will had been fulfilled, didn’t he? 

But what he wanted most of all in that moment was to find a way to banish that deep-seated sense of being completely and utterly alone in the world. 

And he had no idea where to start. 


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