Exclusive Extract: Losing Control

Exclusive Extract: Losing Control

Read on for a sneak peek at Dare and True Love author Rachael Stewart‘s new book, Losing Control.

She watched him walk away…

…and now he’s back to claim her!

A family feud forced me to walk away from the woman of my dreams, Alexa—but I didn’t expect her to betray me by falling into my brother’s arms. Now, after a tragic accident, I’ve returned home to find Alexa leading the family business…and the chemistry between us is hotter than ever. The sparks reignite our electrifying connection, but can we learn to trust each other again?


‘I had my reasons to leave.’

‘Oh, yes, of course you did Cain—and they all revolved around looking after numero uno. Yourself. And to hell with the rest of us.’

‘I cared, Alexa, believe me. I cared more than you can possibly know.’

She laughs, and the manic sound drives me crazy. Pain collides with something more fierce, something more treacherous, and I move without thinking.

I’m across the room and pulling her against me. Her startled moan is drowned out by a growl I cannot contain and I realise my folly the second my lips claim hers.

Folly because she’s not fighting me. She’s on fire with me, her lips meeting me halfway and leaving me in no doubt as to how much she wants this too.

Fireworks erupt inside me—an explosion of sensation wrapped up in a warning so powerful it makes me dizzy. Drunk on her. On what’s right. What’s wrong.

I try to see sense even as my lips move with hers. Remembering. Reacquainting. But there’s nothing soft or loving about this. It’s harsh, demanding. Each of us taking what we want, what we need.

Her hands are pressed against my chest. I feel their heat burn a path to my heart beneath. And then she’s lifting them to my hair, holding me, her body melding to mine. She’s giving herself over to me. It should be enough. I should stop now. I should be the one to stop it. The one in control.

Instead I’m kissing her back like a drowning man on a quest for air. My hands are in her hair, and its softness is so familiar, her impassioned surrender so pure. It’s pulling me under. It’s not air I want—it’s this sea of sensation, of incandescent need that she’s always instilled in me.

I want to use it to obliterate my brother’s touch with my own.

I want to use it to obliterate the past, the pain, the ache of loss.

But at what cost?

Do I really want to succumb? To lay down my defences? To be weak?


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