Exclusive Extract: A Week with the Best Man

Exclusive Extract: A Week with the Best Man

We’re treating you to an exclusive extract of A Week with the Best Man by Ally Blake! Read on for the perfect summer read…

One week…with the man she’s desperate to resist!

Returning home isn’t something Harper Addison does often. But now she’s back to be her sister’s maid of honour – which means spending a lot of time with best man, her former teenage crush and now billionaire, Cormac Wharton. Surely she can resist his charms for just one week…


‘Harper turned to Cormac and held his gaze, despite the fluttering inside her belly. ‘Where is my sister?’

‘Catering check. Wedding dress fitting. Final song choices. None of which could be moved despite how excited she was that you were finally coming home.’

Harper bristled, but managed to hold her tongue.

She was well aware of how many appointments she’d already missed. That video-chatting while wedding-dress-hunting wasn’t the same as being in the room, sipping champagne, while Lola stood in front of a wall of mirrors and twirled. That with their parents long gone from their lives she was all Lola had.

Lola had assured her it was fine. That Gray was such a help. That she understood Harper’s calendar was too congested for her to have committed to arriving any earlier.

After all, it was Harper’s job in corporate mediation that had allowed Lola to stay on in the wealthy coastal playground of Blue Moon Bay, to finish high school with her friends, to be in a position to meet someone like Grayson Chadwick in the first place.

And yet as Cormac watched her, those deep brown eyes of his unexpectedly direct, the tiny fissure he’d opened in Harper’s defences cracked wider.

If she was to get through the next five minutes, much less the next week, Cormac Wharton needed to know she wasn’t the same bleeding-heart she’d been at school.

‘You sure know a lot about planning a wedding, Cormac,’ she crooned, watching for his reaction.

Harper played chicken for a living. And never flinched.

There! The tic of a muscle in his jaw. Though it was fast swallowed by a deep groove as he offered up a close-mouthed smile. ‘They don’t call me the Best Man around here for nothing.  And since the Maid of Honour has been AWOL, it’s been my honour to make sure Lola is looked after too.’

Oh, he was good.

But she was better.

She extended a smile of her own as she said, ‘Then please accept my gratitude and thanks for playing cheerleader, leaning post, party planner, and girlfriend until I was able to take up the mantle in person.’

Cormac’s mouth kicked into a deeper smile, the kind that came with eye crinkles.

That pesky little flutter flared in her belly. She clutched every muscle she could to suffocate it before it even had a chance to take a breath’.

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