Exclusive excerpt: Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart

Exclusive excerpt: Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart

Continuing her brother’s charitable work, Francesca Pellegrini finds herself under Felipe Lorenzi’s protection. His commands infuriate her, but every look invites her to abandon her innocence…especially when lone wolf Felipe decides to make her his!

Please don’t let him see her.

The next time she faced Felipe she wanted to be fully dressed and feeling confident in herself, not wearing a two-piece swimsuit that would put her at a further disadvantage.

Like it or not, she was stuck with him for the coming week and had no idea how she was going to get through it without slapping his arrogant, handsome face.

Pretending to be engrossed in her novel, she couldn’t resist a surreptitious glance and found him at the edge of the pool, testing the temperature of the water with his toes.

Even with the distance between them his muscular beauty made her breath catch in her throat. All thoughts of hiding disappeared as she drank in the magnificence Felipe’s clothing had only hinted at.

His darkly tanned skin gleamed under the bright afternoon sun, his chest broad and muscular, a light smattering of hair across the pecs thickening the lower they went over an abdomen she just knew would be hard to the touch.

With a grace that belied his size and muscularity, he dived in.

She heard the distinct sound of a woman sucking in a breath. It took a few beats to realise the sound had come from her.

His arms powered him to the far side then he rolled in the water and swam fluidly back.

Back and forth he went, streaking through the pool as if he’d been born to water, born to swim.

She couldn’t tear her eyes from him. It was as if she’d been hypnotised.

She lost count of how many laps he swam before hauling himself out.

The ache that had steadily formed while she’d watched turned into a throb to see water drip from his body and she almost forgot she was trying to hide from him.

Shoving her book back over her face, she closed her eyes and took some long breaths in an attempt to get her heart rate back to one that didn’t make her fear it would beat out of her chest.

Only when she opened her eyes again did she notice she was holding her book upside down. When she next peeked over it, Felipe had gone.


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