Exclusive excerpt: Forbidden Night with the Warrior

Exclusive excerpt: Forbidden Night with the Warrior

Commanded by her dying husband to provide him with an heir, Rosamund de Courcy must spend one sinful night with Warrick de Laurent…the man she’s always loved!


‘It has been a long time, my lord.’ Rosamund tried to muster a smile but couldn’t quite manage it. I never meant for it to end with you hating me, she wanted to say.

It never should have ended, Warrick seemed to answer. His blue eyes held an unnamed emotion, and he studied her as if trying to discern her feelings. She saw the edge of anger in his eyes, but there was something more.

‘I received your husband’s missive, asking me to come. But he never said why.’ Warrick regarded her with open displeasure, waiting for her explanation.

‘I will take you to my lord husband, and he will tell you.’ She beckoned for him to follow, and two of his men-at-arms started to accompany them.

‘Your men should remain here,’ she advised. ‘What my husband wishes to tell you is not for others to hear.’

He raised an eyebrow at that, but gave the order for his soldiers to stay back. Rosamund turned and led the way towards the stairs. From behind her, she heard his footsteps. She grasped her skirts and began walking up the spiral stairs. Just when she had reached the halfway point, he caught her hand and forced her to stop.

‘Why am I here, Rosamund?’ His voice resonated with shielded anger, and his grip tightened upon her palm.

‘As I said before, my husband—’

‘I care naught about de Courcy. I came for you.’

A ripple of fear crossed her spine at that. His words reminded her of the sensuality that had once been between them. Years ago, he had touched her like a starving man, as if she were his reason for being alive. Right now, she was fully aware of his closeness. His grasp softened upon her palm, and his thumb traced the veins on her wrist. The sudden tenderness undid her senses, and she felt as if he were caressing other parts of her bare skin. In the shadowed darkness of the stairs, she was caught up in memories of his kiss. Rosamund leaned back against the wall, and the cool stones were a stark contrast to his touch.


Copyright ©2017 Michelle Willingham


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