Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Our lovely authors share their experiences of living every day like it’s Valentine’s Day! Read on for some seriously cute and special moments…

  • He buys me books I love, even when it’s something I wouldn’t dream of picking for myself. (The Boys Bumper Book of Football Chants excepted). He can actually pick out the perfect outfit for me when I’m panicking about what to wear. Which is lovely and endearing but occasionally galling. He always lets me have the last cup of coffee in the pot, the last segment of chocolate orange and the last square of toilet paper. I once mistakenly ordered a whole boiled pigs foot (complete with hairy toes) in a restaurant in France. He swapped his steak with me, without me having to beg. He always has my back. Even when I’m in the wrong. Which luckily is almost never – Marguerite Kaye


  • You can add romance to your every day by being thoughtful! Like recently, when my husband called to tell me about a book sale at his work and did I want any Nora Roberts books? The fact that he knew to ask was so sweet, which is why I keep him around – Therese Beharrie


  • #Everydayromance: When the person you love makes sure that the coffee never runs out in the morning – it’s more than romance. It’s health and safety – Pippa Roscoe


  • On cold days, my husband of—ahem, let’s just say quite a few years now—puts my socks on the radiator to warm while I’m in the shower. Recently, when he handed them to me, he said rather smugly “There you are. I bet Jason Momoa wouldn’t do that for you” – Faye Avalon


  • Getting the fire properly going in the dining room. We have a new log burning stove which takes the chill off  but it can be tricky to get properly going. It is always such a pleasure when it is actually going – Michelle Styles


  • My husband and I send each other cute texts. Nothing racy. Just an emoji of a smiley face blowing a kiss, or a made-up endearment like Honeykins or Mr. McHotster. We don’t talk much during our separate busy days so it’s fun to communicate by text which only takes a minute – Andrea Bolter


  • Early morning showers! My man leaves the house at 6:00 and usually I roll out of bed at 6:30 to get the girls up and off to school.  BUT, on Mondays or Fridays, I like to get up early and join him in the shower – Bronwyn Scott


  • When my man says “I love you,” still after 27 years of marriage and 31 years of being together.  Or when he says “you’re the best, you can do anything. I believe in you,” because that’s really what marriage is about; believing you’ve married the best possible person in the world and you are so lucky to be with them every day and to know them in a private, intimate way the world will never know them; to know them and to understand them better than anyone else ever will – Bronwyn Scott


  • I dislike, really hate, cleaning bathrooms. Our house has 3 ½ of them. A few years ago my husband and I were discussing what he could do to be more romantic. I told him if he started cleaning the bathrooms it would change our love life. And it did – Susan Carlisle


  • Romantic gestures are a wonderful way to show you care, but for me, the most enduring relationship tonic is taking the time to make each other laugh or find the humour in every day things. A sense of humour is a major turn on, so stimulating the funny bone is the best route to the heart! – JC Harroway