Emily Forbes: What I Learned In 2020

Emily Forbes: What I Learned In 2020

We caught up with Mills & Boon Medical author Emily Forbes to chat about how her 2020 went and the inspiration behind her new book, Rescuing the Paramedic’s Heart.


2020 taught me a few things – that I like eating out (I definitely DON’T like to cook EVERY night), that I can survive weeks at a time with just my husband and kids and that I love to travel.

I love everything about travelling– planning, writing lists, researching, making itineraries, even packing. But after cancelling my trip of a lifetime to NYC I had to be content with travelling at home. In Australia we were allowed to travel regionally and, believe me, there’s a lot to see, but when I couldn’t travel AT ALL I escaped the day-to-day (which in 2020 felt endless at times) through books.

I can happily read for hours at a time and, now that my kids are young adults, I had many guilt free hours lost in a book, successfully ignoring the washing, cleaning and cooking. Because of the travel restrictions I combined my love of reading with travelling and escaped to cities and places around the globe.

Even as a child I read books set all over the world and I’m sure you can guess which one just by their location –

  1. Tara,
  2. The prairies of Minnesota,
  3. Prince Edward Island,
  4. The Land of Topsy-Turvy and The Land of Spells
  5. The Orient Express

And now that I’m writing stories, I love the variety of settings that Mills & Boon medicals offer, giving authors and readers so many opportunities to experience myriad locations – from London, Paris, New York and Sydney to tiny rural towns, remote islands and fictional kingdoms.

When I write I love to set my books in places I’ve visited and mostly my books have been set in Australia. Everywhere from the outback to the Great Barrier Reef, the beaches of the Fleurieu Peninsula to Melbourne and my latest book, the first in my Bondi Beach Medics Series, is set on and around the iconic Bondi Beach.

Our international borders might still be shut thanks to this particularly nasty virus but I invite you to come with me on a trip to the beach. You can meet the Carlson siblings – lifeguards, paramedics, doctors and nurses and be a spectator to all the drama of life in one of Australia’s most famous locations where the sun is always shining.

Rescuing the Paramedic’s Heart is scheduled for release in March and this is the story of Poppy and Ryder.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever visited Bondi or dream of getting there one day, and let me know if you’ve worked out what those books mentioned in 1-5 are!

Emily x


Rescuing the Paramedic’s Heart

You can’t heal a heart…

…by keeping your distance

Paramedic Poppy is back in Sydney. Her first stop? Bondi Beach’s surf and sand! There’s just the small matter of bumping into the bay’s newest elite lifeguard – Ryder Evans, her first love, who was forced to move away…taking a piece of Poppy’s heart with him. If she wants him back, she must be bold enough to let gorgeous Ryder show her what she’s been missing.

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